William Souza – CPA Evolution 2.0 with OTO (update 13/5)

Name Product: William Souza – CPA Evolution 2.0 with OTO
Market price: $297 + $497
Author: William Souza
Page Sale: http://williamsouza.com/

CPA Evolution 2.0 by William Souza – Best CPA Training Course with complete software and step-by-step on how to build success online business with dozens of videos and case studies revealing the strategies they use to make 6 figures per month with CPA offers

CPA Evolution 2.0 by William Souza Features :
– This product includes everything that you need to get started on earning up to 6 figures online with affiliate CPA (cost per action) marketing.
– Complete training modules that include over the shoulder set up guides and videos that show you the step by step process of setting up everything from start to finish from basic to advanced.  It includes modules covering:
– Social Advertising that covers an introduction to social, Facebook and Plenty of Fish advertising.
– Media buying.  This is huge – there are people out there making 6 figures PER DAY with media buying!
– Mobile Traffic.  This day and age, you need to make sure that you know and understand mobile as well since a good percentage of traffic comes from thse mobile devices.
– Free Traffic.  A couple of excellent free traffic modules to help bring in traffic from both social and video sources.
– Copywriting.  Sure, traffic is good but if you are not a good copywriter, you won’t convert that traffic.
– Smart Retargeting. Learn how to increase your ROI immensely through retargeting.
– Audience building.  Build an audience that you can continue to market to over and over while still keeping them engaged and interested.

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