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Web Development – HTML – The Structure of any Website – FULL

Web Development – HTML – The Structure of any Website – FULL
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Sale Page :_https://www.udemy.com/course/html-css-web-development/

A Complete Guide on HTML5 – From beginning till end. Referred the top three resources and made sure everything is clear.

What you’ll learn
You will be able to build the structure of any website
You will be able to move on to CSS, which is used to Style the web pages.

You need a normal PC/Laptop.
A PC/Laptop of any basic configuration would do.
An Enthusiasm to learn.

Hey there everyone! I’m Tharun, just another developer from the most awesome Developer Community. Come join me in this amazing journey towards becoming a Top Notch web developer.
Start here.
I can ensure you that, I have covered all concepts necessary for you to start web development. I have not stuffed this course with ALL of the existing HTML Concepts, if you want to learn ALL of the HTML concepts which are unnecessary then this course is not for you.
I have only taught what is necessary, so that you are ready to move on to the CSS Course as soon as possible.
I believe that bombarding 10 hours of only HTML videos doesn’t even make sense.
Learn whats necessary, move on to the next level without wasting time on topics which are not used or outdated.
We will be learning HTML – the language you need to write the Structure of any website.
After finishing this course, you need to learn CSS and Javascript to get full command over web development.
The HTML is only used for the mark-up of any Website and cannot produce those dynamic contents like the ones shown in the intro video.
You have to learn HTML, CSS and javascript first and then learn frameworks which help you create such websites easily.

Who this course is for:
Anyone, who wants to learn Web Development
You must start your Web Development here, HTML.

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Web Development – HTML – The Structure of any Website – FULL: Video, PDF´s
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