Vic Johnson – Getting Rich with eBooks 3.0

Name Product: Vic Johnson – Getting Rich with eBooks 3.0
Market price: $897
Author: Vic Johnson
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“Announcing The First A-Z “eBook How-To” Workshop-in-a-Box That Almost Anyone Can Use to Create Your Own 24/7 Cash-Spitting Internet Money Machine”

Case Study: Teenage eBook Author
Well, maybe not a child — but TEENAGER Tony Waters turned his love of skateboarding into an online empire that took him a few hours to set up, and is now earning him more than most Americans make in a year!
Tony wanted to be a pro skateboarder but was disappointed in the skateboarding videos and books he found so he decided to create his own skateboarding tips and sell them as an eBook.
His fellow skateboarders went bonkers for it!
Tony sells about 10 books a day at $27 each. On my calculator that says he’s making almost $100,000 a year!
But what about $100,000 in one day?

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