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Todd Herman – 90 Day Year Summer 2016 (GB)

Todd Herman - 90 Day Year Summer 2016

Name Product: Todd Herman – 90 Day Year Summer 2016
Market price: $9999
Author: Todd Herman
Home sale: http://www.the90dayyear.com/join/

Todd Herman - 90 Day Year Summer 2016 1

Get access to the world’s ONLY achievement system to be independently tested, proven and validated by third party researchers, and in doing so…
Achieve More Business Growth in the Next 90 Days Than You Did All of Last Year…

Will the next 90 days be the ones you FOREVER look back upon as the ones that totally transformed your life and business?

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Results from already successful business owners…
“I’m truly shocked at how much I got done the past 90 Days…”
“I’m on track to do 210% for this quarter…”
“…my business was like a really clogged drain, and you were the drano that came in and made it work.”
“All I’m seeing is working less and getting more results…”
“…the first thing I did in my life was give myself a Friday off.”
Results from Business Owners Just starting out
“If I would’ve done this 90 Days, 3 years ago, it makes me sick to think of where I’d be…”
“This has been the answer to everything I’ve need to get my business moving…”
“I didn’t realize before I took your course, what ‘I’ should be doing and this has really changed my life…”
“…the momentum and energy has totally shifted in my personal and professional life…”
“I didn’t expect the return on investment so quickly…”
“Your no nonsense, no fluff approach was really really refreshing…”
“We need more people like you, who can break our comfort zone and challenge us…”

1. To many hats…
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities, tasks and skills you have to develop as an entrepreneur…you’re not alone! When you think about all of the activities that have to happen inside of a business, it’s completely overwhelming!
Here are just a few: Marketing, Finance, Legal, HR, Sales, Operations, Product Development, Service Delivery Etc.
Those realities don’t change whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur or a big corporation.
Heck, just inside of the world of marketing, there’s: Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Promotions, Graphic Design, Brand Design, Referral Management, SEO, Video, Podcasting, Infographics, Market Research and on and on…
And the moment that we become an entrepreneur we begin to put on all of those hats and get caught in a tornado of uncertainty (am I doing the right thing? what should I focus on? where should I spend the little money I have?)…
It’s no wonder we have such tremendous respect for entrepreneurs! Anyone else looks at that and says, “that’s crazy!” You say… “I’m in!”

2 wheel spinning…
Anybody that’s driven a car across slippery ice or been stuck in the mud spinning their wheels, knows that pressing down on the gas pedal doesn’t translate into getting more traction from your tires.
Well in the world of the business owner and entrepreneur, the slippery ice is the illusion of a new opportunity or ‘shiny object’ and the sticky mud is getting bogged down with too many projects with none getting completed.
And you know what other people tell you to do… Work harder!
Well that’s just pressing the gas pedal down harder and we end up burned out.
Entrepreneurs in 2016 need to get TRACTION and learn to work differently because the opportunities and distractions are only going to multiply! The world is definitely not slowing down…

3 guessology…
Every entrepreneur is also a creator. It’s in our DNA. But it’s our blind belief in our ideas that can also be our downfall.
Too many entrepreneurs believe so passionately in their idea. They start to build a business around it; investing money, time and emotion. But they’re still just operating from a Guess!
They get so blinded by their own idea they fail to do their research, talk to potential customers and get some data on the demand for their fantastic idea.
Simply, making a small change in their approach would save them from the pain of lost money, lost time and lost confidence.
The biggest of them all though is lost time, which turns into lost opportunity.

4 Inattention to R.O.E.
I bet you’ve heard of ROI…
Perhaps even have some solid ways of tracking it.
Yet few entrepreneurs ever pay attention to their R.O.E. (return on effort).
Instead of taking an examined look at where they’re putting their energies, they often treat “effort” as an unlimited resource.
Something that they can freely spread across every opportunity that lands on their radar without considering the toll it really takes.
But not only does this form of “entrepreneurial martyrdom” fail to push the needle on your bottom line…
If you don’t have a “defence mechanism” and system for tracking your R.O.E., it can very well push you out of the game.

The Entrepreneurial Pillars Growth Training Series

module #1 The High Performance Phase
released: Available Immediately
This phase of the program is something I refer to as the ‘hidden anchor’. Why? Because it can either anchor you to a place that never changes. (Have you had parts of your business or personal life that never change, despite your best efforts?) break Or, it can anchor you to a starting point where REAL transformation can begin.break Just like my athletes look at game film, to review their performance. This will be your game film.break • I’ll show you how to diagnose where the biggest opportunities for growth are,break • I’ll walk you through the 5 main pillars of business, so you can get crystal clear on the areas you’ll immediately want to start working on,break • If you struggle with wondering ‘what you should be doing now’ or ‘how to grow your business going forward’ or ‘what systems you should be implementing’. THIS module will give you the answers…break • This is the module that people rush into the student community and proclaim, how they feel a truck-sized weight has been lifted off of their shoulders.break

module #2 The Achievement Engine
released: Available Immediately
I hope your ready to see how you’ll be operating for the rest of your life, because this module will be unfolding the roadmap of how you’ll be creating ‘inevitable success’.break This is your paint by numbers plan for not only building a powerful vision, you’ll have a fully completed 90 Day Year Roadmap by the end of it. What would KNOWING what your next 90 days will look like, do for your confidence?break • You’ll see the right and wrong time to have a powerful vision, (if you’re just starting out in business, you’ll be surprised)break • How to build on the powerful diagnostic in Phase 1 and create goals that will ACTUALLY deliver a meaningful result right now,break • The key difference between goals and projects, and why most people are working hard and never getting any growth. (This is a MAJOR mental distinction.)break • How to use the Goal Decision Matrix which allows you to make the best decision on what you should be focusing on right now,break • You’ll be walked through a template to have your entire 90 Day Year mapped out. Including, goals, projects AND the process to make them all happen,break • What would a structured roadmap like that do for you, your team and business? (It’s waiting for you in the members area right now.)break

module #3 The Execution Phase
released: June 24th
The measure of any persons results, starts with how well they are at managing themselves. Self-Leadership starts at the ‘minute’ level. When you can take care of your minutes, you can take care of your months. And just like my athletic clients are always judged by what they do ‘on the field of play’. break You and I are judged by what we produce every day.break • You’ll see how to structure your day so you get the ‘Highest Value’ activities done,break • We’ll dive deeper into the process of the ‘Block & Tackle’ Method, and how you can show up on the ‘field of play’ and create wins no matter how much time you have available to you,break • The model to clear your head for creative work, focus your attention and grow faster than other in your niche,break • You’ll see the power of the 2 Week Sprint method and run ‘the grid’, a simple process to ensure you’re efforts are being rewarded and you’re not working a bad strategy,break • How to work a system that finally rewards you with the results you want:
• More Sales,
• More Growth,
• More Time,break This module isn’t going to take you hours to learn. You’re far too busy for that. A module on ‘Execution’ is going to show you how to get things done, without killing your productivity!break

module #4 The Entrepreneurial Scorecard System
released: July 1st
Forget “productivity hacks”.break This is the ultimate model to manage your activities and save valuable time. break The average entrepreneur can double their revenues with this system ALONE. In fact just one of our students 3X’d his revenue in just 59 days.) break This daily scorecard allows you to:break • Instantly calculate the monetary value that your daily activities produce in your business.break • Track, measure, and grow your personal R.O.E. (return on effort) and get clear on which activities amplify it, and which threaten your bottom line.break • Immediately know which activities you should outsource & delegate in order to make the monetary value of your own personal output grow (Hint: Even self-proclaimed “expert delegators” are often shocked to see the hidden energy leaks they still have in their business).break You’ll learn the keys to strategically creating a day that will deliver measurable impact on your businesses growth. You’ll learn what elements make up the difference in the days of people producing thousands, tens of thousands or millions of dollars a year. This simple framework can be implemented immediately and give you a clear idea of what your growth will look like weeks and months from now. Real high performance doesn’t need ‘hacks’. Work in a solid system and the system will take care of the results.break

module #5 The Prada Protocol
released: July 15th
All about simplicity & subtraction. I’ve told people for nearly 2 decades now that my main role as a coach isn’t to add more stuff to their lives, but actually to subtract the nonsense that keeps them from performing at their highest levels. break That’s why I developed a simple but powerful framework called the PRADA Procotol. break In the PRADA Protocol, you’ll:break • Discover the “Dr. Seuss Effect” and how a simple shift in your thinking will turn a perceived weakness into a powerful strength. If you struggle with trying to free your mind from the constant barrage of ideas, opportunities and decisions you’re hit with daily, you’ll devour this advanced strategy.break • You’ll see examples of how other successful people in the arts, entertainment, sports, business and leadership, use this every day to cultivate peace of mind and a calm sense of control…(busy entrepreneurs need this more than anyone!)break • Remain in a state of high performance (instead of decision fatigue) by learning how to optimize, automate, and align all your major business decisions with your desired outcomes.break • Adopt the “Thinking Model” to help you think more clearly, speak more confidently, act more decisively, and free yourself from the demands that other people constantly place on you.break

module #6 The R.O.A.R of high performance
released: July 29th
This is truly the difference between how a pro and an amateur approaches their day. break If you struggle with inconsistency, constantly oscillating between intense bursts of action and long droughts of inactivity, then I’m going to give you a mental framework that will completely transform the way you produce results in your business. break We’ve had busy stay-at-home moms running businesses with tons of distractions use this to pull themselves out of the heavy weight of self-criticism and judgement so that they feel great about what they’re accomplishing for their family.break And I’ve also had multi-million dollar entrepreneurs pull themselves out of patterns of ‘busy work’ that don’t serve the long term goals of their business, transform into entrepreneurs that actually get to spend time with family and friends AND feel good about it! break In the ROAR of High Performance, you’ll learn:break • The 4E’s to mastering a winning routine… and how you can use it to create powerful momentum that moves you towards the achievement of your biggest outcomes.break • Why so many entrepreneurs, despite their best intentions, FAIL to maintain a consistent routine and easily slip back into damaging habits.break • How to lace your physical environment with powerful mental cues and success triggers that keep you on focused and on task.break • How to defend yourself from the dangerous entrepreneurial whiplash between emotional highs and soul sucking lows… and instead maintain a steady arc of satisfaction, momentum and growth.break

module #7 Mastery
released: August 12th
What good is a program on high performance and achievement without ensuring you have ALL the tools to build on your success in the future…break Mastery is an attitude. Mastery is about preventing average from ever infecting our results.break • You’ll learn how to set up of your next 90 Day Year and build on the activity in this one to hit new targets,break • You’ll find out how to insulate yourself from the ‘4 forces’ that destroy most people’s businesses and progress,break • You’ll create a powerful record of your wins from this 90 Day Year and stoke the fires of possibility for what might be ahead,break So much of feeling successful is mastering the ‘head game’! And this will be the final piece to your 90 Day Year Achievement System puzzle, giving you the certainty, that you’re the master of your ship.break

Bonus #1 The 90 Day Year Accelerator Software aka “The Achievement Automator”
$47 a month FREE
Plug Your Goals Into The Most Advanced Achievement Software Ever Created
So much more than just a productivity or scheduling app, this intuitive, intelligent and powerful goal-achievement sidekick is the closest thing to having a personal coach in your back pocket
By plugging your goals into this intelligence tool, you’ll:
1. Maintain a clear, 360° View on Your Personal & Business Growth
Never wake up to your inbox again. The elegant and intuitive personal dashboard give you a single-look view of all the major improvements and performance upgrades you’re making in both your business and personal life.
2. Achieve Big Goals & Outcomes Faster
What gets measured, gets done.
WIth advanced tracking systems measuring and guiding every move you make within your business, the achievement of your biggest goals and financial outcomes not only becomes inevitable… it becomes faster.
 3. Master Your Personal Accountability
Mobile optimized, calendar sync options, and built-in reminders ensure that you never lose sight of what needs to get done to move your business forward in a big way. From this day forward, things “slipping off the radar” is an excuse reserved for your competitors.
4. Keep You Focused & On Task
You’re an entrepreneur. New ideas and opportunities pop up all the time. Even (especially) when it’s inconvenient.
The Pile Up Zone allows you to keep your head clear and remain on task, knowing that all those other ideas and insights are logged safely for you to return to later.

Bonus #2 Extra Action-Classes with World Class Experts
$1997 and growing
As the 90 Day Year phenomenon grows, more and more world-class experts (and actual 90 Day Year users), are stepping up to enrich our community with even more game changing content and actionable strategies that take your success even further.
And since all guest teachers are already familiar with the 90 Day Year system, you know that that strategies you’re getting are fully optimized and ready to plug into your personal achievement system.
As a member, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to a growing library of masterclasses spanning the fields of:

Bonus #3 Ticket to 90 Day Year Live Event – Spring 2017
$2000 FREE
I’m going to be hosting a live event for all 90 Day Year students.
Once we have the final numbers, we’ll be securing a location for a Spring 2017 event.
This will be so much more than just a “meetup”. It will be an intensive 3-Day implementation program where not only will we celebrate all the wins and outcomes you achieved in the first 90 days… but we’ll set you up with the COMPLETE foundation and deeper business building strategies to guarantee you move into your next 90 Days with clarity, confidence and momentum.

Bonus #4 The 9 Box Validation GridHow to validate a business, product or service in 2 weeks.
$250 FREE
Use this paint-by-numbers framework to get the answers you need, to ensure you’re not wasting months of time and money on a bad business model, failed product or poor service offering.
Simply use the 9 Box Grid to quickly discover the REAL wants and problems of your target market.
Uncover the hot buttons frustrating your potential customers or existing customers and hand them a product or service that’s easy for them to say ‘YES!’ too…
I used this exact 9 box strategic system in less than 8 days to validate this exact program you’re looking at right now. And knew it was going to be a winner for busy, overwhelmed and ambitious business owners.
If you’re in ‘Dream Up’ or ‘Start Up’, this will help you avoid months and even years of struggling with an idea that is simply ‘missing the mark’.
If you’re in Ramp Up, Scale Up or Leader Up, this will help you launch products or services that your niche ACTUALLY wants and would love to buy!
Purchase Today and I’ll be giving you access to this guide, framework and video overview of the entire process… FREE!

GB Started: 18/6/2016
Needed Amount of Participants: 20 (after funding, GB will be automatically closed)
Price: $59
LGB Started: —–
LGB Price: $ ….

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Wait Times:
Monthly Membership: 40 Days (since LGB started)
Lifetime Membership 20 Days ( since LGB Started)
Original Sales Price:  $9999
ACTIVE GROUP BUY: If you want to participate, please go here and make a payment.
After that you will see the download links as usual immediately.
More Info about our Group Buys
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***If link dead, please leave a message,or to send message to a [email protected] We will update immediately***[/premium]

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