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Todd Brown – Marketing Funnel Automation Live 2015

Name Product: Todd Brown – Marketing Funnel Automation Live 2015
Market price: $497
Author: Todd Brown 
Home sale: https://archive.is/zyXIC#selection-4373.0-4787.33

“Frankly, if this was sold for only $10,000.00 it would be foolishly cheap!”
“…because, it’s been worth tens of millions
of dollars to me & my clients…”

Secret Session #1: “How Any Marketer Can Swipe & Profit From The Secret Structure Of  8-Figure Marketing Funnels!”
Presented by Todd Brown
All of the confusion and noise about how to structure and set-up your own profitable marketing funnel will be wiped away for you… as you discover:
How to use the E5 Funnel Architecting Framework to guarantee almost any funnel you set-up is profitable in less than 30 days! (**CHALLENGE: If you can show me a more consistent and reliable blueprint for regularly producing profitable marketing funnels… in any market… email me and I’ll pay you $300 out of my own pocket.)

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How to use the Prospect Awareness Pyramid to determine the perfect length of any marketing funnel! (NO more guessing how long your funnel should be or how many steps it should have. Now you’ll know… every time!)
3 areas of your market you need to look at — before you set-up anything with a new funnel — to ensure your funnel stands-out and captures your prospects’ attention! (This guarantees your marketing funnel doesn’t get lost in all the noise competing for your prospects attention.)
How to use the simple W.E.B. Analysis to uncover the exact emotional hot-buttons to touch-on in your marketing funnel! (This ensures your marketing message resonates on a deep level with prospects… so they’re driven to buy.)
7 things you need to know about your competition… and 6 things you need to know about your product/service… so you can whip-up a truly”irresistible offer”!
10 deep, (weird) unspoken desires that propel prospects in any market, with any product, at any price point, to act! (Look at any million-dollar-plus marketing campaign and you’ll see one or more of these “secret desires” being prodded. You need to do the same in your own funnels.)
“The “Million-Maker Slide”…

Secret Session #2: “The ‘No-Fail’ Way To Craft The Perfect Marketing Funnel Message… Every Single Time!”
Presented by Todd Brown
How to use a Marketing Funnel Thesis to eliminate all the fear and frustration of laying-out a winning message for any marketing funnel! (You’ll never feel overwhelmed again when deciding what you should or should not say throughout your marketing funnel. Now you’ll know!)
Why you need to use “123 C.B.P. Chunks” throughout your marketing funnel to give your prospects the exact information they need to see your product as the ideal solution!
How to use the Principle of Idea Density to keep prospects engaged and coming back throughout even the longest of marketing funnels! (If you ever use multi-step video funnels, webinar funnels, or launch funnels… this is a game-changer for you.)
The secret of the “Second Solution”! Do this and prospects will want your product before you ever even mention it.
Why you MUST understand the “knowledge gap” of your prospects to accurately determine how long your marketing funnel should be to make the sale!
How to use an “Indirect Marketing Funnel” to capture sales daily from the biggest prospect segment of your marketplace! (This funnel type and prospect segment gives you the largest and fastest opportunity for growth in your marketplace.)
11 types of offers… and how to stack them for a quick sales conversion bump!
The secret of “Offer Sequencing” to maximize the monetization production of every one of your marketing funnels!
“Consequence Amplification”: A simple CTA method that produces a rush of orders and new sales at the conclusion of any marketing funnel!
3 different types of benefits every big-money marketing funnel demonstrates! (Average marketers focus on just one type… while the pros almost always leverage the persuasive power of all three.)
8 components of every high-converting offer! (For every one of these you’re missing, your conversion rate can decrease by at least a percentage point or more.)
4 things prospects actually buy when responding to an offer! It has nothing to do with your product or service. (Be sure to show how your offer fulfills one or more of these… and watch your sales soar!)
How to spot and eliminate “Faux Benefits” from any marketing funnel! Leaving these in any marketing communication weakens your message.
7 Secret “Offer Hacks” guaranteed to almost immediately bump your sales conversion rate by an additional 8% or more! (These are brand new… and I’ve never shared them anywhere else.)
The Friendly Nudge: A variation of an old-school, yet powerful, copywriters trick for bumping sales conversions from on-the-fence prospects!
How to use the principle of the Minimum Viable Funnel to eliminate the risk of losing money when testing a new marketing funnel for the first time with cold traffic! (It uses the 80/20 principle to make getting to profitability… almost scientific!)
5 things you must do within the first 500-800 words of every VSL script or sales letter to keep your prospects engaged all the way to your offer! (I call this method “Setting the Hook”… since it ensures your prospects are completely hooked on hearing every word of your message.)

Secret Session #3: “10 Pro-Level Copywriting Hacks Used To Optimize Marketing Funnels For Frank Kern, Digital Marketer, And Others!”
Presented by Lawton Chiles, Legendary Copywriter
REVEALED! Frank Kern’s email follow-up sequence that turns prospects into customers and sales… AFTER they complete your marketing funnel without buying! (If this is worth even 1/10th for you that it’s worth to Frank… it can easily add five-figures to your income.)
How to craft a credible, believable, and compelling marketing message… if you don’t have any credentials, testimonials, or significant experience!
Lawton’s 8 go-to sales resources… including his favorite, the Desert-Island Persuasion Resource… that allows even average marketers to craft pro-level copy!
The “David Ogilvy Story Ad Method” that was used to sell MILLIONS of dollars in services to new clients…and is still being used today to sell products, software, services, and more!
Lawton’s top 3 persuasive storytelling resources… (and how to use them to get instant access to hundreds of proven story-based ad templates—for FREE)!
8 SECRET SPOTS online that hand you new email subject lines you can swipe every day… for a guaranteed 30% open rate! (This is where some of the best marketers you know by name go for the subject lines they use every day. The same ones you see in your inbox.)
WARNING! The only way to structure the copy of any Facebook Ad, today… if… you want to avoid getting slapped by the dreaded Facebook Ad Account BAN! (This is the key to sleeping well at night knowing your account is safe and will continue to pump traffic to your site.)
…and much, MUCH more!

Secret Session #4: “How To Double Your Funnel Traffic Every Month For The Next 4 Months… Starting With Any Budget!”
Presented by Curt Maly, Founder, Blackbox Social Media
THE MILLIONAIRE MEDIA BUYING MODEL: The exact process Curt now uses to help his clients make millions… after personally managing over $6 MILLION DOLLARS in Facebook advertising… in over 35+ different niches… and dissecting what’s worked for his client’s seven and eight-figure marketing funnels!
How to 10X your traffic from Facebook ads for any marketing funnel (even a new one)… in the next 100 days!
The Blackbox Process for creating high CTR ads that drive your ideal target prospects to click and take action! (Use this little method and you’ll never feel frustrated again with ads that don’t bring you enough traffic.)
WARNING! The only surefire way to ensure your Facebook ad account doesn’t get flagged and permanently turned off! (Now you don’t have to worry about ever getting that dreaded “Goodbye” email from Facebook.)
The HIDDEN piece of Facebook’s Core Audience segment… and how you can flick one switch with it and see a dramatic increase in traffic sent through any of your ads!
How to run a “Like” campaign to “pre-qualify” your target audience and attract only high-quality traffic and leads! (This is the secret to generating an incredible ROI from all of your Facebook advertising.)
When, where, and how to scale your Facebook advertising campaigns and budgets for a marketing funnel! (No more guesswork of when is or isn’t the right time to raise your budget, expand your audience, or add more ad variations. Now you’ll know.)
…and much, MUCH MORE!

Secret Session #5: “The Secret Structure Of Marketing Content That Pre-Sells Like Crazy!”
Presented by Deborah Owen, Content Coordinator, MarketingFunnelAutomation.com
The only Content Marketing Strategy (CMS) “APPROVED” and used by savvy direct response marketers in 2015!
Why every serious direct response marketer needs this version of a Content Marketing Plan going into 2016… and how to use yours to builder a bigger and bigger audience of engaged prospects every month!
The Principle of the Alpha Audience and how to use it to drive more prospects into any funnel… without spending any more money!
How to spot and fill the right “Content Hole” in your market so you’re positioned as a unique expert in your niche! (It can take up to 30 days… but will produce a bump in sales conversions that will never go away… and will only get higher as your popularity grows.)
A reliable system that gives you fresh and valuable content ideas every week… even if you don’t consider yourself creative, are uncomfortable writing, and have very little time or energy for traditional “content marketing”!
EXPOSED! The “REAL PSYCHOLOGY TEMPLATE” of viral content… and how any marketer, in any niche, for almost any product, can knock it off and use it to achieve fast celebrity status!
…and much, MUCH MORE!

Secret Session #6: “6 Weird Marketing Funnel Tactics That Grew A Small New Jersey Supplement Company To Multiple 8 Figures!”
Presented by Lou Cozzolino, MFA Funnel Implementation Specialist
How to get almost any VIP marketer to mail their list for you about your offer… even if you’re unknown and have no relationship with them… and without ever having to mail for them or do anything to reciprocate! (TIP: If you want to experience a launch-like surge in traffic, simply do this with 3-5 VIPS in your market.)
The untapped source of highly-profitable traffic… for any niche… that is now wide-open and INSANELY CHEAP as your competitors fight it out in the crowd of Facebook ads!
A simple sales tactic that produces shockingly high conversion rates when presenting a mediocre offer with mediocre copy! (Yeah, it’s crazy how this works. But it does! Thank goodness.)
The “Check Trick” that turns your biggest competitors into your biggest monthly source of zero-risk customer acquisition! (This is NOT traditional joint ventures. But, IS a risk-free way to generate consistent sales every single month.)
Lou’s secret “Zero-Down Media Profit Escalator” Method that transforms almost any channel of cold traffic into a new source of FREE customers! (Do this to scale your traffic if you have very little money… but want a surge of new customers very quickly.)
…and much, MUCH MORE!

Secret Session #7: “How To Skyrocket Your Sales By Hacking The Secret Science Of Customer Acquisition Economics!”
Presented by Damian Lanfranchi, COO, MarketingFunnelAutomation.com
How to use “Deep Funnel Metrics” like the pros of direct response do… to scale your sales and new customer acquisition aggressively and intelligently… while minimizing your risk!
The “2 & 20%” FALLACY: The common tracking mistake followed by the masses of marketers that holds them back from seeing the biggest opportunities for rapid conversion optimization!
BOGUS METRICS! The 5 “Shallow Funnel Metrics” average marketers naively use… that will never give you the data needed to scale big and fast! (Plus, the exact 4 metrics you DO need to review… if… you want to profitably drive more and more customers onto your list every month.)
3 ADVANCED marketing funnel metrics used by companies like Agora, Boardroom, and Weiss Financial…to decide where your media buying dollars should get invested each month! (These metrics are the key to being able to pump your marketing budget into the sources of traffic you know are most valuable to your business growth.)
PRO TIP! How to optimize a single funnel for different traffic sources… all at the same time!
Why understanding “Breakeven Speed” is now being called the new marketer’s Goldmine Metric… and… how to use it to uncover large pockets of profitable traffic you can easily exploit right away!
How to avoid a potentially expensive mistake made by novice marketers who don’t understand the difference between optimizing a funnel in the evaluation vs enhance stage!
The MFA “5 & 20” CONVERSION BOOSTER: The simple 5-step blueprint almost anyone can use to experience a 20% boost in sales conversions in less than 36 hours… with almost any funnel!
Launching a new funnel? Lay out these metrics… in this order… to immediately determine when it’s time to scale your traffic and when it’s time to make certain tweaks! (Without these numbers you’re operating in the dark and simply guessing at what you should do.)
… and much, MUCH MORE!

Secret Session #8: “22 Business & Marketing Lessons Learned From Being Friends With The Biggest Direct Response Marketers On The Planet!”
Presented by Todd Brown
The Amazing Direct Response Secret of Acquisition Aggression: What is it, how it works, and how it solely determines the speed and size of your income growth!
POSITIONING: Why you should NEVER position your product or service as a repair, enhancement, or improvement. And how to position it, instead, to drive prospects wild with desire.
How to ensure your business grows with consistency and stability producing reliable and dependable income for you! (This is how you eliminate the ups-and-downs of sales on a week to basis… and give yourself a steady, growing paycheck.)
4 keys to good writing! (The first key is the single most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned about persuasive writing.)
The single most valuable piece of advice I ever got from multi-millionaire copywriter, Clayton Makepeace, about consistently growing the backend (and profit) of any business… every 30 days!
What every information marketer needs to understand about product design for front-end versus backend marketing funnels! (Get this wrong and you could cost yourself boatloads of conversions and profits on the backend of your business.)
How to use the Principle of Emergence to make any piece of copy wildly compelling!
GOT AN ORDINARY PRODUCT? How to use the Principle of the Proprietary to make sure your prospects never view your product as a low-value commodity! (Do this and you can charge multiples of what you’re charging right now… and get it, easily.)
How to use legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga’s, Principle of the Inherent Benefit in all of your marketing funnels… so you can market to your list over and over… without ever burning them out!
The SUPER SEGMENT: The one segment of your entire email list you need to invest the majority of your time, energy, and resources presenting new offers to… to exponentially grow your bottomline profits!
READ MARKETING BOOKS? The only type of marketing or business book you should ever read… if… you want to truly develop pro-level marketing chops from your reading time!
How to sequence different offers within a single funnel to maximize your return on investment!
Clayton Makepeace’s Secret of Deadline Density: It uses heightened points of urgency throughout your entire marketing funnel to skyrocket your response rate! (Add this to any funnel and you’ll see at least a 16% jump in sales conversions.)
…and much, MUCH MORE!

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