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3 Years in the Secret Society Mastermind
Last year I wrote a post about this group called the Secret Society Mastermind and how I got in, but in the last year so many things have happened that I think is just fair to talk about this again, especially since it’s about to open one more time, and many people look for me asking “Is this worth it?”, so this article will be about my experience in the group, and how it has influenced my life during the last 3 years.
I think the group will be opening in between August 15th to 20th, which is kind of funny since in August 15th I will be celebrating my 2 year anniversary of freedom. That was the day where I left my day job and been living without a “job” since then. It’s not been easy, and sometimes shit has happened for me but it’s only natural since the position I started in. However even the most horrible difficulties now seem much brighter in comparison to the depression I had in the cubicle, fears have been faced, troubles have been slain, and I’m happier than ever working towards a much larger goal.


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