Theo McArthur & Dan Ashendort – Easy Publishing Profits

Name Product: Theo McArthur & Dan Ashendort – Easy Publishing Profits
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Author: Theo McArthur & Dan Ashendort
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Let me show you exactly how to get paid $162 per day for just 2 hours work a week creating & publishing simple ‘educational’ videos

So what are the options?
1. You could make 100’s of clever and entertaining videos and post them to YouTube with the hope that one of them goes viral
2. ​You could spend a fortune on paid advertising and test until you eventually (maybe) get it right
3. You could ​create short, simple ‘e-learning’ videos and put them in front of a ready made audience who are willing to pay to watch them
Don’t know about you, but 3 makes the most sense to me

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