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[Special Offer] Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency (update 4/2017)

Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency
Market price: $997
Author: Tai Lopez
Home sale:_http://www.tailopez.com/flow.php?lp=FS-8202&utm_source=snapchat


How to get small businesses to pay you $1,000-$10,000+ Every Month
By starting Your own social media marketing agency

There are few people today other than myself who know how to use social media to grow a business. Some of my recent social media accomplishments include:

» 635M minutes watched on my YouTube videos
» $21.7M in social media marketing testing
» One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
» My YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Social media marketing is, easily and decisively, the best way for any business to raise awareness and increase interest in their products or services. I’ve been able to successfully start dozens of new businesses – and scale already-existing businesses, thanks to social media.
Here’s why social media is so powerful: because it’s so pervasive in our everyday lives, and will continue to influence how people behave as time goes on. Not a day goes by where you, or someone around you, doesn’t check their social media. As a business owner, this is a powerful concept.

· MONTH #1 ” The first 30 days will show you how to pick your niche, form your company, get started with practicing on social media marketing on your own business.
· MONTH #2 ” During the second month, I’ll show you how to become a master of social media. You’ll be given templates, checklists, and guides that are consistently updated over time, so you always have the most up-to-date info.
· MONTH #3 ” Once you’ve become a master of social media, we’ll show you the best ways to acquire high-value customers. We’ll give you a checklist of businesses you can contact that’ll easily agree to a $1k/mo (or more) fee, in addition to giving you scripts that show you how to close the deal.
· MONTH #4 ” During this last month, we’ll show you how to service your customers, build your team, and automate your workflow. This last month is all about making your service-based business as “hands free” as possible, so you can make more money without adding a ton of time-consuming work.

PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $47 ($997) = Sale 95%
Payment Link:  http://ebusinesstores.com/shop/tai-lopez-social-media-marketing-agency/

Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)
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44 thoughts on “[Special Offer] Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency (update 4/2017)

  1. Junseo98 says:

    Any updates?

  2. Hollins23 says:

    no discount code?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Discount code has send to your mail, please check!

  3. khjhkjh says:

    got no code either

    1. Macbus87 says:

      YOu can get it for $47

    2. Macbus87 says:

      Clink to download and pay!

  4. Dan says:

    how does it work. Will I get full access to the course ?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Well courses dripping released. Within 4 months

      1. Dan says:

        what does that mean ? I don’t quite understand.

        1. Testaccount1423 says:

          You have to wait until march or so.

          He hasn’t released the full course yet.

          1. Macbus87 says:

            Yes, it is full course!

  5. Dan says:

    I bought the course but don’t have it ?

  6. Dan says:

    Thanks for the course I emailed you but did not hear back. My question was did you give me the full course ? it seems as if there is a month missing ? how many videos is there meant to be in total for the 4 months ?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      IT Will be uploaded!

  7. cashton44 says:

    How many months will we get right now when we pay for this?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Yes, I will be uploaded. YOu can get full course.

  8. rony753159 says:

    Any discount code?

  9. cashton44 says:

    Are all the 4 months of video included?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Yes, it is full course

    2. Macbus87 says:


  10. mmohamed65 says:

    Does it come with the bonuses?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      yes, it is full course and bonus

  11. ali says:

    any updates?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      link has send to your mail, please check your mail!

  12. khjhkjh says:

    no update since number 4… when we can expect another update?

  13. japessta says:

    I have paid the amount but have not received any download information. Please help.

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Please let me know if you have any problem! Contact to Support via | Email: [email protected] Or Skype: macbus87

  14. Pahoran24 says:

    I previously paid and downloaded the course….how do I get the updated content?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Yes, i will send link to your mail, when i have new update!

      1. Pahoran24 says:

        I originally downloaded on January 12th….and I see that it shows that it was updated February 21st ….has the content been updated since January???

        1. Macbus87 says:

          Link has send to your mail, please check your mail

  15. williampaija says:

    Have you updated this course? I want to buy this course. Is it the full course, with all the updates?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Yes, i will be updated

  16. josh45678 says:

    Does the update include videos 39 – 53?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      There have been 66 videos released

  17. cashton44 says:

    Has this been updated? I hear there are 86 videos.

  18. wwaiho says:

    hi is this open up for VIP ? Mega pls

  19. usuf07 says:

    HI Admin, when you will open this to members please?
    Thank you

  20. hey011 says:

    Will this be open to VIP members? Thanks!

  21. jigyaasusandeep says:

    Hi, I am very glad with this new policy – (2. For [Special Offer]. Users will be free to download after 45 days since we post).

    Could you release this course “Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency ”?

    It’s already 45 days since you posted

    1. avi lang says:

      yes please release

  22. wwaiho says:

    releasing ?

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