Nick Usborne – Web Copywriting 2.0

Name Product: Nick Usborne – Web Copywriting 2.0 Upgrade
Market price: $497
Author: Nick Usborne
Website Sale:http://www.awaionline.com/p/web-in/

AWAI Special Report:
First there was the Web … then Web 2.0. As the Internet continues to evolve, copywriting has had a similar transformation. Now every new, aspiring, and experienced copywriter needs to know about …
“Copywriting 2.0”

Inside this Special Report:
Why “Copywriting 2.0” is in HUGE DEMAND by U.S. businesses that will be pumping $52 BILLION into a market that can’t survive without it in the coming year…
How to CASH IN on the insane world-wide demand: Global spending in this Copy 2.0-dependent market is expected to reach $154 BILLION in the next 2 years.
What you MUST do NOW to guarantee you’ll be booked solid with desperate Copy 2.0 clients eager to pay your asking price!

By Rebecca Matter, President and Founder of Wealthy Web Writer,
American Writers & Artists Inc.

In the next 11 minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how to profit from the huge surge in demand for “Copywriting 2.0” …
Right now, companies across America are spending BILLIONS (over $50 billion, to be more precise) in this Copy 2.0-dependent market.
Businesses large and small (from the Fortune 500s to your local mom ‘n’ pops) have had a stark realization: If they’re going to prosper now and in the years to come, they’re going to need Copy 2.0 to sell their products and services.
That’s why companies are hungry for copywriters who know how to write this kind of copy. And get this: They’re willing to shell out BIG BUCKS to get it done right.

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