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[Special Offer] James Wedmore – Business by Design


James Wedmore – Business by Design
Market price: $995
Author: James Wedmore
Home sale:_http://jameswedmore.mykajabi.com/p/about

Committed to Helping YOU Create a Business By Design!
My mission is simple: show entrepreneurs how to create, optimize, and scale their business in a way that works for THEM.

From Broke Bartender to 7-Figure Business Owner!
Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve had a love for film-making. But after graduating from one of the top Film Schools in the country, I found myself in debt and jobless.  So, I moved back home and got a job as a bartender.
After Getting Fired, I “Burned The Boats!”
I never really liked the idea of working for someone else, so when I was finally “let go,” as a bartender, I turned to the Internet for a way to start a business.  I combined the two things I knew: Video & Bartending.  And on April 18th, 2008 I made my very FIRST SALE on the Internet for my eBook: Bartend4Profit. Read the rest of this entry »


James Wedmore – Paid Video Ads Bootcamp

Name Product: James Wedmore – Paid Video Ads Bootcamp
Market price: $997
Author: James Wedmore
Website Sale:N/a

We’re going to show you in this 6 Modules:
Powerful new tool gives you an extreme unfair advantage over your competition.
Learn how to repeatedly setup highly effective YouTube video ad campaigns in a matter of minutes!
join YouTube Certified Video marketing expert Gideon Shalwick for this exciting new presentation.

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Contact me for the proof and payment detail: vipbusinessdl@gmail.com


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