Surefire Local Launchpad – Helping local businesses Succeed Faster

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Name Product: Surefire Local Launchpad  – Helping local businesses Succeed Faster
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Problem:  There’s an exponentially growing need for local businesses to get more leads in less time. Before they can do that though, they often need better websites specifically built to help them convert. But even before that, they need the right platform to help their website content load quickly and effortlessly.
According to Akamai: “The majority of customers will abandon a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, yet 86% of responsive mobile sites weigh as much as their desktop versions.”
This means that if a small business isn’t on the right website platform to produce faster load times, it can have a major effect on their bounce rate, negatively affecting the user environment, user engagement, and ultimately their SEO ranking.

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