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[Special Offer] Pete Vargas – REACH Academy Online (Fast Acting)

Pete Vargas – REACH Academy Online (Fast Acting)
Market price: $997
Author: Pete Vargas
Sale Page :_https://advanceyourreach.clickfunnels.com/webinar-registration9783071

REACH Academy Online is a cutting-edge online course packed full of every ounce of knowledge we have used to book over $40 million in stage-related products and services on over 20,000 stages.
Since 2003, we’ve been helping speakers, authors, small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs scale their business using our proprietary R.E.A.C.H. method:
REACH Academy Online is Broken Into 6 Modules:

How to Leverage Online and Offline Stages
Deep dive into Offline Stages (Traditional Stages) – there are 5 types of traditional stages you can be on
Deep dive into Online Stages (Digital Stages) – there are 6 types of digital stages
Market Research – Do you understand your market? How big it is and how to find and leverage it’s stages?
The 5 Types of Revenue Generating Stages – What are they and how do you use them?

The Stage Revenue Model
8 Ways to Scale Past the Stage
How to 10x Your Stage Value – Creative ways to 10x (or more) your payday when you speak
How to Outline and Build Your First Course – The strategy and tactics to move quickly
Membership Economy Training (Micah Mitchell) – Founder of Memberium
The Event Checklist (Keith Yackey) – Founder of Amplify Events

The Bread and Butter Growth Formula
How to Build Your Dream 100 – The “C Squared Method” to quickly get booked on stages
Deep dive into How to Find Stages – In depth training on corporate, education, faith-based, youth market, health and wellness, small biz, non-profit, and associations.
How to Maximize Breakout Sessions – Don’t run from these stages! We train you on how to make these very profitable.
The “Unstoppable Stage Campaign” – How to make yourself impossible to ignore to meeting planners. This campaign will set you miles apart from your competition.
How to Build Your Customer Funnel

Mission/Vision/Values – How to define the assets you need in your business
The Assets Trail Map – The path to the “speaker summit” where you can climb as high as you want
The 1st Team Member To Hire – (at no cost to you)
How to Grow a Speaker Team – Create a referral network where you get a perpetual booking machine.
How to Build Raving Fans
The Power of the Lead Generator – and how to capture up to 90% of the room to your list or offer
Message vs. Mission – How to grow your message beyond just yourself, if you so choose
No-Hassle Technology Solutions – How to leverage technology to make it feel like you have a huge team

The Power of the Hero’s Journey – the fool-proof road map that all great stories follow
The Story Braid – use this “cord of 3 strands” to make your message unforgettable
How to “Sell” Every Time You Speak – without being salesy or cheesy
Signature Sentence vs. The Enemy – What are you fighting for and who are you fighting against?
Amazing Presentation Tactics – Featuring Pat Quinn of Amazing Presentations
The Campfire Effect – Featuring Chris Smith of The Campfire Effect

The Dream 100 Stage Worksheet
Stage Value Calculator Worksheet
Stage Revenue Model Worksheet
Unstoppable Stage Campaign Outline
Assets Trail Map Worksheet
Speaker Sales Funnel Worksheet
Signature Talk Outline
And so much more…

Leverage these valuable bonuses to move faster…


VALUE: $497
The 10-part campaign utilizes direct mail, phone, email, and video email to entice the Event Coordinator and set you apart from your competition.
We have written ALL your emails, scripted ALL your phone calls and ALL of your direct mail pieces so you can use our proven system to move quickly.

PRICE: You can get this course with only $49.95 (Lifetime pay $34.96)


Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_[email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87

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