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[Special Offer] Maxwell Finn – Facebook Ad IQ Academy

Maxwell Finn – Facebook Ad IQ Academy
Maxwell Finn – Facebook Ad IQ Academy
Market price: $997
Author: Maxwell Finn
Sale Page :_http://ebusinesstores.com/shop/maxwell-finn-facebook-ad-iq-academy/

Consistently Create Wildly Profitable Facebook Ads
I hope you’re ready to make some serious ?
Let’s face it…creating a profitable Facebook™ ad is incredibly difficult!
Every day I hear the statement “Facebook™ Ads don’t work for a business like mine”. The reality is that there is a successful Facebook™ ad strategy out there for every business in every industry. Unfortunately, a vast majority of business owners don’t know how to really take full advantage of the Facebook ad platform.


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They don’t understand how to properly research their market, A/B test, identify winners, scale profitably or maximize customer lifetime value.

I’m Here To Help You Win
Everyone needs a coach and mentor
When I first started out in the paid advertising world I didn’t seek out a mentor or coach. I tried to do it all myself, which cost me a lot more money and time before I started creating winning campaigns than it should have.

1. Inside The Academy
Building Your Foundation
The Facebook Pixel
Advanced Custom Audiences
Competition Spying
Closer Look At Behavioral And Demographic Targeting Options
Setting Up Automation Rules
Creative and Copy Inspiration and Testing

2. Ad Type Breakdown
Creating Canvas Ads
Creating Collection Ads
Creating Offer Ads
Creating Sponsored Message Ads
Intro To Dynamic Product Ads
Product Catalog & DPA Feed Creation
Creating Dynamic Product Ads

3. Data Is King
Knowing Your Numbers With Reports
Deep Dive Into Reporting
Facebook Analytics
Using UTMs For Better Tracking

4. My Funnels & Advanced Strategies
Selling With Facebook Live
The Free + Shipping Funnel Part 1
The Free + Shipping Funnel Part 2
Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 1
Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 2
Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 3
The Foundation Of All My Facebook Campaigns
Video Ad Funnel
The Thank You Ad
Turning Photos Into Videos
The Post Purchase Retargeting Funnel
Overwhelming Value Lead Gen Campaign
Kevin Harrington Lead Generation Campaign

5. The Future Is Messenger
Getting Started With Messenger
Messenger Automation
Growing Your Messenger Audience

6. Profitably Scaling
Intro To Manual Bidding
Manual Bidding Part 2
The 20% Scaling Rule

7. Power Tools
Zipify Pages

8. Bonuses!: 6 Facebook Ads You Need To Run
My Presentation For Ezra Firestone’s Ecom Allstars Event

9. Funnel Blueprints
The Gold Standard
Cold Traffic
Manual Bidding
Free + Shipping

10. Facebook Lives
LIVE: How To Media Spend Wisely
LIVE: Scaling Ads
LIVE: Preferred Type Of FB ADs/ Ad Methods / Manual Bidding
Created New Campaign For Pat Flynn’s Podcasting Course That Produced Over $160,000 In Sales On Less Than $10,000 In Spend
LIVE: Leveraging 3rd Party Content For Your Ads And Post Purchase Retargeting
LIVE: Creating Ad Sets
Analyzing Our Killer Free + Shipping Funnel
Testing Out Facebook’s New Live Audio Feature
Facebook’s Brand New Ad Account Overviews
How To Link Your Page To Your Group
Best Way To Generate High-Quality Applications Through Facebook Ads
How To Have Great Brand Identity
Canvas Ad ➡️ Shopify Checkout ➡️ CartHook Upsell Sequence
Facebook’s New Analytics Platform Makes Identifying Winning Audiences So Much Easier
Q+A: How To Report/Segment Purchases For A Specific Product Within FB Reporting
Q+A: How Target Audience About Woman Fitness Apparel
Q+A: Structuring A Campaign With $100-200 Budget Structure
Q+A: “So, I’ve Put Up The Ad, Targeted The Interests And All The Details, Set It To $5/Day Budget And Then… What Do We Do?”

PRICE: You can get this course with only $49.95 (Lifetime pay $34.96)


Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_[email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87

2 thoughts on “[Special Offer] Maxwell Finn – Facebook Ad IQ Academy

  1. nischs1000 says:

    Please make this available for lifetime VIP members. It’s more than 2 months since this was posted. What’s the point in becoming a lifetime member, if all the good courses are only on special offers. In your New Policy you say that “For [Special Offer]. Users will be free to download after 45 days since we post”. But you don’t follow your own policy. What is the point in staying as your member if there’s no value. Also most of your courses are hosted on nitroflare and Rapidgator. So there is additional spending involved. Please make this course available to your lifetime VIP members atleast man….

  2. jonjon says:

    Please open this course when you get a chance. Thanks.

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