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RSD Todd – The Game After The Game

RSD Todd - The Game After The Game
RSD Todd – The Game After The Game
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Discover The Sneaky Little System I Found That Took Me From Shy Inexperienced Virgin To Setting Up 3 Dates A Day On Hot Online Dating Sites
Learn How To Secure More Dates, Sleep With More Women, And Find A Girlfriend Online Even If You’re Not ‘Traditionally Good looking’, Super Charming, Or You’ve Had No ‘Luck’ At All For Years

From The Desk Of Todd Valentine, Online Dating Expert
The Shy Undatable Guy that no girl could see the potential of, and every other excuse in the book
I’ve been there, and probably had it worse that the average guy, seriously
Then it occurred to me to run from all the rejection, and use the anonymity and safety of Online Dating, and I loved it
So when I started with online dating
I used to log onto my computer every single day
and check all my dating accounts like a cracked out Facebook addict
But everyday I’d feel the sharp drop of disappointment in my stomach when I saw this:
fb msg empty – RSD Todd – The Game After The Game
Honestly it sucked. And I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong no matter what I tried
I was literally sending out dozens of messages every day
I’d only get a few responses every so often
But even then, the messages I got were always pretty short and aloof

None of it led anywhere. Let alone sex
section 5 heading – RSD Todd – The Game After The Game
I remember feeling this when I almost threw in the towel at one point
I wasn’t getting the results I heard about and I was sick and frustrated
“I blamed my lack of success on my height, my looks, my lack of skills with women.”
I convinced myself that online dating only worked for guys who were lean and good looking, or at least exceptionally funny, or had the fabled “IT” factor with women

A Shocking Discovery That Changed My Dating Life
Then one day, as I was browsing the web, I discovered a unique internet forum of pickup artists and ‘so called’ ladies men, who were sharing all different kinds of tips and techniques on getting in between the legs of the opposite sex

The techniques these guys were preaching were MUCH different from what I heard before
In fact, they went COMPLETELY against conventional thinking and popular dating books
I immediately used one of the conversation starters on a pretty brunette girl I found on Hotornot.com (a dating site back in the early 2000s), delivered a few funny jokes, and boom, landed my first date
I knew that I was onto something BIG
I started compiling everything I could find on the forum. Conversation starters, funny routines, jokes, witty lines, and attractive stories

One week later, I got my second date
And this time. I fuc*** her. The second girl I’d ever had sex with!

From that moment on I was HOOKED forever
I wanted to see just how far this rabbit hole went
I started studying “game” like a mad fanatic and applying it to both in the ‘real world’ and on girls I met online
I read hundreds of books, went through a few dozen courses, and even attended a live dating workshop (called a Bootcamp) to learn about female attraction
In fact, (and you might not even believe this),

round image 1 – RSD Todd – The Game After The Game
I dropped everything to move halfway across the country to learn from top ‘pickup masters’ in the world about attraction and female psychology

round image 2 – RSD Todd – The Game After The Game
Yea I know, pretty fuc**** extreme
But my results just kept getting better and better, especially online
Everything that I learned to meet girls in ‘real life’, seemed to work DOUBLE online
Like it was amplified to the max!
I was setting up an average of 3 Dates a DAY, and bringing the girl home 95% of the time
Huge f*cking rabbit hole :-p

What Happened Next,
Was Unbelievable To Me.
Eventually people began hearing about my ‘adventures’, and started asking me IF and HOW they could get the same results as well.
It was especially satisfying when the old friends who used to laugh at me for not getting girls started asking me as well and expressing their disbelief in my unusual results
I was also pretty curious to see if the system I was using could be duplicated for other guys
So I started making a few changes to their profiles and giving them a few quick pointers on messaging and attraction and wouldn’t you believe it, they instantly saw a double boost in responses
Other Guys Were Getting The Same Results As Me, It Was Insane.
I kept testing it on more and more guys and every single one of them started getting more dates and bringing more girls home almost overnight.
But what surprised me the most was that most of these guys didn’t even have to learn “great game” to start seeing results
I literally gave them a few basics principles on attraction and provided them with some pre-tested lines and they started getting girls to respond back and get attracted immediately
And not from troll looking girls either, some serious cuties!
Pretty young girls. Stunning older women. Girl Next Door types. The bombshell
These techniques worked for my guy friends in all shapes and sizes, it was unbelievable.
So I Blew Up The Dating Lives For Literally Thousands Of Guys Ever Since.
As someone who teaches guys how to get girls for a living, I knew I had to get these tips out to more guys
I spent the last 6 months painstakingly compiling dozens of online techniques that I used to consistently meet stunners on the web
And streamlining it all together into an easily replicable step by step system

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RSD Todd – The Game After The Game Contains: Videos, PDF´s, Template


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