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Ron Douglas and Alice Seba – Info Product Mastery

Name Product: Ron Douglas and Alice Seba –  Info Product Mastery
Market price: $197
Author: Ron Douglas and Alice Seba
Home sale: http://www.writerhelpwanted.com/info-product-mastery-details/

“How To Turn Your Passion, Hobby, or Experience Into a
Hot Selling Product That Generates Ongoing Income!”
Watch Now To Discover How I Earned $103,954.04 in 6 Days Using The Info Product Mastery System…

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Prefer to Read? Read on to get the whole story…
Here’s how it happened…
It was August 14, 2007 and I was welcoming my son Ryan into the world. I’d never been so happy and yet, so afraid at the same time.
You see, just a month earlier, right at the start of “The Great Recession,” the boss calls me into his office. I had been getting great reviews, so I didn’t expect what he was going to say…plus he knew that I had just bought a house and my son was about to be born.
But it didn’t matter…
To them I was just an expense that had to be cut.
“We’re restructuring the department and we will no longer need your services” he said.
I was crushed.
I lost a six figure job and left that building for the last time with nothing but a cardboard box and one month’s severance.
But you know what?
It turned out to be the best things that ever happen to me…
That’s because I had mastered one critical skill in my spare time. It was a super valuable life long skill that nobody could take from me and that skill was the ability to generate my own income by creating information products that sell like crazy online.
I’d like to show you how YOU can tap into the $52 billion info-product industry as well and, when you read this entire page, I’m going to give you 7 proven steps to turn your ideas, interests, or experience into products that generate ongoing income from home…
Hi, my name is Ron Douglas.
When I first started, I struggled to come up with a good product to sell online. I bought a lot of courses, but they all left important details out that caused me to buy even more stuff with little results.
I wish someone would have just given me some proven templates to use and coached me on how to use them.
With my back against the wall, I was forced to develop my own system through trial and error that I call Info Product Mastery.
It’s the same system I used to recently generate $103,954.04 in 6 Days. You can see the stats from my recent launch on the JVZoo.com network below.

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