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Robin Sharma – The Game Changer´s Blueprint

Name Product: Robin Sharma – The Game Changer´s Blueprint
Market price: $777
Author: Robin Sharma
Website Sale:https://archive.is/bCYVQ

Give Me Just 14 Days And I Will Show You How To Shift From Mediocre To Meteoric, Go From Unknown To Influential And Transform Into Titanic.

The Game Changer’s Blueprint is the easiest way to drop whatever is holding you back and become iconic.
From Here On Out You Are Going To Look At Your Thinking And Your Actions Differently Than Ever Before.
You will implement simple changes in your life to create larger and better actions.
Actions that will make a tremendous difference in your daily activities and biggest accomplishments.
In this program, I will walk you through, step by step, my blueprint for game-changers.
You just need to follow my simple plan to become iconic
Discover the 9 habits of game-changers.
These are the secret 9 habits that game-changers all have that makes them who they are. I open the vault and share them with you.

Understand how to define your craft.
Sometimes things are as simple as how you look at them and what you believe. Defining your craft is a key piece of the puzzle.

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Understand how to powerfully optimize your day.
Optimizing your day can provide the energy and impetus to BE the game-changer l know you are – 24/7.

Escape mediocrity.
I will show you, clearly and easily, how to move from mediocrity to iconic by applying this powerful matrix.

Ask the game-changing questions
Sometimes the questions we ask can open new doors to our whole world. I have 4 questions for you that are total game-changers.

Delve into the minds of the highest leaders.
For 20 years, I have been coaching titans of the industry. Delve behind the scenes of these iconic leaders to find out what truly makes them tick.

For the first time ever, this is The Game Changer’s Blueprint.
In it I have unveiled a comprehensive system that you can use to succeed wherever you are. Here is what you get in the program…

The Brand New Game Changer’s Blueprint Online Course.
9 information-packed modules with all of my latest thinking, including brand new matrices, new products, and new ways of becoming a leader and a game-changer in your industry – and life.

The Game Changer’s Blueprint Workbook.
This workbook allows you to work through each of The Game Changer’s Blueprint videos to gain a greater understanding and maximize your ability to deliver exactly what you want to do as a game-changer. This will empower you to more easily understand and refer back to for your specific template and blueprint.

The Game Changer’s Blueprint Transcripts.
I always cover great amounts of information to move you forward as powerfully as possible. It is helpful not only to see it and hear it, but also to read it, to highlight what is most relevant to you right now and make notes in the margins (just like game-changers do).

The Seven Most Asked Questions.
I spend hundreds of hours on stages and speaking with the game-changers of the world. These are the 7 most asked questions that will catapult you from mediocrity into iconic. Get the inside look at my insights and ideas as well as some of the most impactful stories I’ve been privileged to hear.

My Best-Selling HyperProductivity Formula.
In order to make sure that all of these ideas are implemented, I am including my HyperProductivity Formula. This is my best-selling process for increasing productivity in order to be world-class. This is just one more needle mover to help you create your greatest success ever.


Robin Sharma – The Game Changer´s Blueprint Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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