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RankXL’s Niche Site Course + All the bonuses (Complete) + Niche Book By RankXL

Name Product: RankXL’s Niche Site Course + All the bonuses (Complete) + Niche Book By RankXL
Market price: $97 + $19
Author: RankXL’s
Website Sale:http://course.rankxl.com/

Turn Adsense into a full-time income
In less than 6 months, I built a niche site to over $10,000/month with Adsense. Here’s the entire step-by-step gameplan.

What does it take to build a niche site to 5-figures per month?
I answer that question multiple times per day in emails I receive from people who follow the RankXL blog
The thing is… Google has changed so much over the years.
BUT… the way people are approaching their SEO & niche site strategy hasn’t changed a bit.
There’s a major difference between sites that make a few hundred dollars per month, and sites that make 4-5 figures per month.
And that’s what this course will teach you.

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Not how to build micro-sites that make you a few bucks per month……
Not how to grow a site, make some money, then die off after a few months……
Not how to rank for keywords nobody searches for……
This course is about building a giant authority site that ranks for everything, drives millions of visitors per month, and grows into a sustainable, long-term business that makes 4-5 figures per month.

Introducing: RankXL’s Niche Site Course
This course lays out my exact strategies for every stage of the niche site building process from choosing a niche and doing keyword & competition research to building out the site and acquiring powerful backlinks that boost rankings.
It’s working for me and I’ve been able to get to over $15,000/month with Adsense using this exact game plan.
There’s no reason you couldn’t follow along my footsteps and do the same.
Building out niche sites is not rocket science. It’s not even as complex as starting a software startup.
You just have to know what you’re doing and then do it.
It does take work, and like any business it takes time and commitment. But the model is PROVEN. My own business is thriving from it, and so are a lot of other people’s.
It’s NOT something you need to do market validation for. It’s NOT something you have to put out there and blindly hope it will be a success. And it’s NOT something that has never been done before.
If you take what you learn from this course and follow along the steps, there is no reason you couldn’t get to a full-time income within a few months.
That’s exactly what I built this course to be: A step-by-step blueprint on how to earn a full-time income with your next niche site if you just follow the steps outlined.
This course is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, step-by-step lessons that allow you to walk through each of the five phases of building and growing an authority site.

No guesswork.
No more mental roadblocks.
No more confusions about link building.
No more frustrations with ranking.
No reverse engineering.
Just follow the plan.

Module 1: Niche & Keyword Research (Before Launch)
monoflat_icons_143Over half the battle with succeeding with niche sites depends on your research and preparation.
I’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistake that people make here.
Mess up your niche & keyword research, and you’ll potentially spend time and money on a project that was bound to be a failure before you even started it.
My method of niche and keyword research ensures that your site is on a path for success.So that whatever time and effort you put into it, you see a financial reward that’s significant.
From choosing a niche, choosing domain names, planning out your site for future growth, and doing keyword research and competition analysis.
Everything is covered from start to finish: My complete process of everything I go through before site launch.
PLUS: A complete explanation of my most important strategy for creating authority sites. There’s a fundamental difference between sites that make $100-$500/month and sites that make $5000-$10000/month. Steal my strategy for Pillar Keywords and Pillar Posts and use them to grow your sites to a larger scale of traffic and income.
PLUS: If you have trouble doing competition analysis to decide if a niche is worth pursuing, I have a complete walk-through of me doing competition analysis for an example keyword. Everything that I look for, all the tools I use, all the metrics I look at… all covered in this in-depth analysis.

Module 2: On-Site SEO & Site Structure
monoflat_icons_241Okay, so you’ve done your research. You’ve found a niche, chosen your keywords, and have everything planned out. That doesn’t mean you should now put up a site and start building links to it.
We need to do 2 things: Set up our site for success, and plan out our authority site structure.
Learn my techniques for setting up on-site SEO, inter-linking, my essential plugins I use for all my niche sites, and how to create your inner posts as you grow out your site.
PLUS: My authority site structure. Planning for growth before building the site is SO important if you want to take your site to a full-time income. Take my authority site structure DIAGRAM and use it for structuring your own niche sites.
If you want to build a monster website with millions of visitors, structure is essential.

Module 3: Link Building, Increasing Rankings for Search Traffic
monoflat_icons_8This is where it starts to get exciting. Learn my complete backlinking strategies for my authority sites. Stop wasting time with ineffective techniques and spammy link packages. Start link building like a real SEO.
The exact strategies I do for all my niche sites, and the strategies I’ve used when working at an SEO agency building links for high-revenue clients.
There’s a reason I’m not worried about having such a large portion of my income rely on Google… I don’t build links that trigger penalties. I build links that algorithms reward, not penalize.
This section will change the way you link build.
Start earning powerful, natural links that ACTUALLY make an impact on your rankings. Learn my backlinking techniques where even a SINGLE link can make a difference to your site’s authority and rankings.

Module 4: Making Money With Adsense
monoflat_icons_5As you might already know, Adsense is my main source of income.
Because I rely on Adsense for my full-time income, I’ve vigorously tested every aspect, combination, setting that you can name to MAXIMIZE my revenue.
Learn how I configure my Adsense settings, and how I make sure I’m making the maximum from my websites.
PLUS: Steal my layout. Learn how to optimize your site and lay out your ads to increase your RPM. My best performing layout across all my sites revealed through an easy-to-visualize diagram.

Module 5: Growth & Putting Everything Together
monoflat_icons_201Putting all the pieces together. Dive even further how everything you learned from the course is put together using a general timeline.
The entire step-by-step strategy is broken down into a timeline to give you an even clearer picture of HOW to get started, WHAT you should be doing, and WHY.
What to expect in your first few months of building your site, what tasks you should be working on during this time, what goals to be striving for, and what outcomes will be produced and when?
If building niche sites ever seemed complicating and frustrating this will make everything clear.

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