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Is Screenwriting Driving You Crazy?
Are you frustrated by vague screenwriting advice such as “Let the story breathe,” “Ramp up the stakes in Act 2,” or “Just trust in your characters.” You’re caught in a vicious circle of writing a script, sending it off for coverage, getting a PASS, rewriting it, sending it back for coverage, getting another PASS etc.
You’re confused by contradictory advice and sometimes just plain wrong advice to “Never use camera angles,” “Give each scene a protagonist with a goal,” “Never write what we can’t see,” etc.
screenwriting courseYou’re tired of banging your head against a brick wall trying to get an agent
or manager to read your script, let alone like it.
And you’re completely fed up with wasting money on script coverage, seminars, and contests and not getting the result you want.
If any of this sounds familiar you could well do with checking out our online screenwriting course, scriptHackr.
A New Way Of Learning How To Write

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