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Paul Zeidman & Chris Arter – ScriptHackr Screenwriting Course

Name Product: ScriptHackr Screenwriting Course
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Is Screenwriting Driving You Crazy?
Are you frustrated by vague screenwriting advice such as “Let the story breathe,” “Ramp up the stakes in Act 2,” or “Just trust in your characters.” You’re caught in a vicious circle of writing a script, sending it off for coverage, getting a PASS, rewriting it, sending it back for coverage, getting another PASS etc.
You’re confused by contradictory advice and sometimes just plain wrong advice to “Never use camera angles,” “Give each scene a protagonist with a goal,” “Never write what we can’t see,” etc.
screenwriting courseYou’re tired of banging your head against a brick wall trying to get an agent
or manager to read your script, let alone like it.
And you’re completely fed up with wasting money on script coverage, seminars, and contests and not getting the result you want.
If any of this sounds familiar you could well do with checking out our online screenwriting course, scriptHackr.
A New Way Of Learning How To Write

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Use rarely talked about theory hacks which de-mystify theory and cut through the vague “fluff” found in most screenwriting courses, books, blogs, and seminars .
Learn by doing rather than just passively listening or reading.
Use hands-on, practical exercises to break down characters, structure, scenes etc. to fully understand how screenplays are put together.
Go through a step-by-step solution to mastering the essentials of screenwriting as quickly and economically as possible.
Save time and money that other writers spend on expensive seminars and degrees.
screenwriting courseHey! This is @ChrisArter on twitter. First off, bought the course and I love it. I was exactly the demographic you described in the pitch. I’ve read a ton on screenwriting, but was frustrated with all the vague suggestions. Your course has been a total light bulb.

So, What’s Included In This Screenwriting Course?
7 Modules Of Simplified Theory, Hacks & Practical Exercises Nobody Talks About.
The script writing program includes:
7 Modules on Concept, Theme, Characters, Structure, Scenes, Dialogue and Description. In other words, the essential building blocks of screenwriting you need to master before sending out another screenplay.
Each module is broken down into three parts: 1. Theory Hack(s). 2. Practical Exercise(s). 3. Key Rookie Mistake(s). The Theory Hack is a one way detour out of screenwriting Theoryville in which the module’s subject is de-mystified once and for all. The Practical Exercise then focuses on doing, rather than reading, and finally, the Key Rookie Mistake flags up the mistakes you need to avoid that many other aspiring writers make.
Each module comes in video, audio and pdf eBook format so you can learn using whatever method suits you best. There is also a Resources Section where you’ll find toolkits for each module, including work sheets, an Ultimate Course Planner, cheat sheets, movie lists, screenplays, etc.
Everything in this course is designed and planned to drastically improve your screenwriting ability, but in order to be successful and get the most out of it requires taking action.
And now we’ve decided to do move on from just offering consulting to doing something about problem of writers sending scripts to agents, managers, contests, consultants etc. nailing the basics of the craft of screenwriting.
It’s time to take a stand. That’s why we want to teach you everything we know about how to master the fundamentals in one, simple, practical, hands-on screenwriting course.
Need More Info? Here’s A Breakdown Of Each Module

Module 1: Master Concept — How To Nail An Idea That Will Make People Beg To Read Your script
Is there anything worse for a writer than realizing three months into a screenplay that there’s a fundamental flaw in the overall concept? Months of work are often wasted when they needn’t have been. So, in Module 1, we kick off with a great Theory Hack that will show you in three steps all you need to know to create the strongest possible concept and logline you can, before you start writing.
Then, in the Practical Exercises section, we show you how to come up with amazing ideas for a screenplay, and then how to refine and develop it into a rock solid logline.

Module 2: Master Theme — How To Make Your Screenplay About Something And Really Resonate With The Reader
Many aspiring screenwriters make the mistake of letting the theme of the story “reveal itself” over several drafts. However, this approach can lead to many problems further down the road, and that’s why in Module 2 we get straight on to establishing a strong theme for your script.
In the Theory Hack section we de-mystify much of the confusing information out there on theme. Then, as Practical Exercises, we show you how to further deepen your understanding of theme, so your screenplay feels like it has something to say, rather than just consisting of a series of insubstantial scenes and events.

Module 3: Master Characters — How To Create Characters That Feel Real
Creating characters out of thin air who audiences are going to care deeply about or be fascinated by (or both) is, perhaps, the hardest aspect of screenwriting. Unfortunately things are not made any easier for aspiring writers by the sheer volume of vague, confusing or simply plain wrong advice out there on how to create believable, interesting characters.
In our Theory Hack we attempt to do just this, though, by showing you a couple of simple hacks that de-mystify this theory and make how you approach creating your characters that much easier. Then we show you how to apply this theory through a great, hands-on, practical exercise.

Module 4: Master Structure — Nail What’s Really Going On Under Three Act Structure
The traditional, broad, three act structure model in screenplays is outdated and misleading. In this module we explore what’s really going on under generic three act structure — sequences. In the Theory Hack section we show you how to break down three acts into seven sequences which add another two major plot points in Act 2.
As a Practical Exercise, we show you just how to master this sequences theory to make screenplay structure that much easier to navigate. It’s so simple, yet effective, you’ll wish you’d discovered it years ago.

Module 5: Master Scenes — How To Write Scenes That Move And Surprise The Audience
There are tons and tons of information out there on dialogue, structure, characters, but hardly anything on scenes. And what there is on how to craft a scene is often confusing and / or misleading. Our Theory Hack will dispel this confusion by showing you how to write a scene by breaking it down into three simple steps.
Then we have two Practical Exercises for you, which will show you how to master these theory hacks.

Module 6: Master Dialogue — How To Make Your Characters Sound Natural
Bad dialogue is maybe the quickest way to turn a reader off your script, and yet it is also one of the most elusive crafts to master for an aspiring screenwriter. We think the best way to do this, however, is not by learning tons of theory, but by doing practical, hands-on dialogue exercises.
So, there’s no Theory Hack in this module. Instead, we show you three practical exercises aimed at defeating the three most common problems found in dialogue.

Module 7: Master Description — How To Cultivate A Writing style That Makes The Reader Feel They’re Watching A Movie
Great description draws the reader in and immerses them in the story. Bad description alienates them, indicating they’re not in the hands of a writer who knows what they’re doing. An experienced reader can tell from page one whether someone can write, and that’s why it’s super important to master an effective writing style so you fall into the former camp rather than the latter.
Just as in the Dialogue Hack module, there’s no Theory Hack in this module. Writing effective description is something that’s best improved through doing rather than theorizing. We’ll show you exactly how, through a simple hands-on exercise, to make your writing style as clean, visual and evocative as possible.

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