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Author: Osman Safdar
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Research. Build. Sell
World’s First Comprehensive Video Course Showing How To Create Simple Autoblog Sites & Sell Them On Flippa For Hundreds of Dollars!

Here’s What You Will Learn In
Autoblog Money Express
The secret way to do niche research on flippa & how its not as difficult as some people make it look like!
The 3 part process to help you choose a great domain name
5 steps to create an autoblog in less than one hour!
3 things that will really turn eyes balls to your site!
The inner mechanics of Flippa and how to use it to your advantage!
How to make your autoblog auction on Flippa standout from hundreds of others!
The secret of getting more bids on your Flippa auction by leveraging what you already have!
The “Push & Pull” strategy to increase bidders and watchers on your Flippa listing
The less-known yet highly effective way to use “Curiosity” to help increase the activity and bids on your Flippa auction!

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