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Fastest Way To Tap Into True Trading Veteran Minds And Extract All Of The Money Making Skills Used For Over A Decade To Dominate The Market! It’s so simple once you have a true veteran in your corner. No hype. No B.S. Just true scientific methods used by real world floor traders to generate maximum profit and virtually eliminate risk.

Module 1 :
An education in Option Theory must be approached in the same way an office building is built. The first thing is to build a strong, solid and sound foundation. Option essentials take you through the myriad of terms and concepts that allow you build the foundation upon which you will learn about options the right way. All of the basic definitions (option, put, call, strike, expiration, assignment, etc.) will be defined and the option pricing model (the root of option valuation) will be explored. The exploration of the model is the best way to understanding how an options price is derived and how options react to changes in market variables.
In this module, you will learn…

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