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Neil Napier – MobileX PRO And Whitelabel

Neil Napier - MobileX PRO And Whitelabel
Name Product: Neil Napier – MobileX PRO And Whitelabel
Market price: $67
Author: Neil Napier, Danny Ade, Victory Akpos
Home sale: http://mobilex.io/pro/?aid=1

Power Up MobileX With BIGGER SMS Capability, Autoresponder Connection And Keyword Shortcuts

Email List Building With 2-Way Premium SMS Short Code
Keyword Short Code with revenue payout
Seamless SMS-Email Campaign Connect
Get Reports On Unlimited Text Sending
5 Sites Install
Developers License
Changing Logo for Better Branding
Works All Over The World

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Neil here again!
I want to introduce you to MobileX Pro – which contains some POWERFUL features reserved for advanced members only.
Only the most serious folks should consider this. If you brought MobileX because you thought it looks nice and MIGHT use it – this PRO upgrade might not be right for you.
But if you TRULY saw the money making potential in MobileX and want to EXTEND it with additional features ONLY reserved for advanced players – consider this!
Don’t worry though – MobileX Pro comes with all the essential training you need to get up and running within a couple of hours (if that!)

Here’s what this PRO version contains:
With A Simple 2-Way Premium SMS Short Code

So when we said that we’ve brought you the MASTER of customer engagement strategies, we weren’t kidding!
Apart from reaching your customer through the impossible-to-ignore, laser targeted kickass SMS bundles, we’ve brought you a new way to build your list!
Now you know, as does anyone in Internet Marketing that the LIST IS SACRED! It is practically our bread and butter. And we found a kick ass way to make your marketers willing to share their details with you and be added to your list!!
When you send an SMS to your prospects, they have the option of texting their name and email address with a keyword to a short code that automatically adds their details to your email campaign list!!!
That means that all you have to do is NOTHING!!! All the work is done on AUTOPILOT! Your prospects text you their details themselves and thanks to the keyword with a short code.
You get a hot laser targeting list.
Yes…List building just became 10x simpler.
And if you thought this doesn’t get any better, wait till you see this…

Get Keyword Short Codes With Revenue Payouts

Did You Know SMS Marketing GIANT ‘Tatango’ Charges Its Users $1000 Per Short Code????
That’s right!! ONE FRIGGIN’ GRAND to get a tiny little shortcode. But I bet it didn’t always charge that much. It started out slowly, got bigger, started hiking rates to the point that it’s a thousand dollars today and people are happily paying up! You know why?? Because it’s the BEST!!!
Till MOBILE X got here! With MOBILE X, you get a Shortcode For Free!!! Or at least for now as part of our launch offer. So you want to avail this now, because you bet your bottom dollar, this baby is going to grow meteoric heights and so will the rates! As of now, we’re the one paying YOU!
Yes! Get paid with every text message your prospects send to your short code in order to subscribe and receive a coupon code, hyperlink or message!!!
Short codes operate on a revenue generating formula. The sender pays for each message sent to a short code, and the revenue goes to you!!
This is possible only when you your prospects type a specific message. So to reap your returns, generate a keyword they must include to subscribe to your lists and receive a coupon code, hyperlink or a message, and watch your accounts fill up!
This is literally your license to print money!
Remember, your investment is ONE TIME, but you get returns ALL THE TIME!!!
Wait, there’s more….!!!

Using SMS To Keep Your List ACTIVE!!!

Deploy the deadliest weapon in our arsenal, something that’s going to take the world of Mobile Marketing by an absolute storm… This makes your life so simple, you’d be wondering why you haven’t already bought Mobile X Pro!
Nobody likes predictability or monotony, it’s booo…ring!!
Keep your leads on their toes and leave them wanting for more!
Yes Text Messages are and will be waaaaay more engaging and captivating than emails. They definitely trigger a higher response rate, but email marketing is essential to grow in eCommerce since it’s still the best way of elaborating to your clients on what’s new!
We untie your hands to create a powerful fluidity in your networks that’ll have your prospects deeply immersed in your campaigns before your competitors have even gotten out of bed!
We are going to create you an instant automated SMS campaign along with your running Email Campaign!! Tweak your autoresponders so that with one click, you can alert leads through an SMS on mobile phone to quickly look at their inbox to read the set campaign emails!!
That way you’re making bank with the SMS marketing, but you’re also hitting a double jackpot and using it to make your emails marketing thrive with success!!!
This is unrivalled technology and designed to save you time, effort and stress! Just sit back and relax!

Get Reports On Unlimited Text Sending

With this upgrade – as long as you pay via any of the text sending services – MobileX Pro won’t restrict you.
That is – not only can you or your customers send as many text as wanted – but YOU also get detailed reports.
MobileX PRO can take your business to the NEXT level.
But wait – there’s EVEN more…

Get MobileX Pro To Unlock These:
5-Site Install

Now with MobileX – you can use it on 1 site. But with MobileX Pro, we JAILBREAK that so you can now setup 5x UNIQUE domains offering one or other kind of bulk SMS sending. We have made this possible for opportunity seekers who seek more than 1 way to make money with this app!

Customize Your Logo
With MobileX Pro – you can now customize your logo. Think about it for a second – when your clients log in to your dashboard – they should see YOUR logo, right? That’s how they will be impressed. Well – you can do this with MobileX Pro.

Unlimited Developer License

Lastly – and this is important – you are getting UNLIMITED developer license with MobileX Pro. Which means you can now use this for AS MANY CLIENTS as you want. There really is no restriction. Just pay for the Bulk SMS – setup your clients – and you are good to go! How cool is that?

*** Bonuses For First 250 People ***
Email List
Building Strategy
Email List Building is the key to your success. This training will provide you the best strategies to build your list and create a long term income source. Never have to worry about sales conversions and earnings ever again!

5 DFY Followup
Email Swipes
Persistence is always a good quality in closing deals. Do not let a prospect slip away! Use our follow-up emails and reconnect with your prospects about how Booking Box can dramatically increase their ROI.

Neil Napier – MobileX PRO And Whitelabel Contains: Videos, PDF´s, soft, Bunus’
Download from Rapidgator
Download from Nitroflare
***If link dead, please leave a message,or to send message to a [email protected]  We will update immediately***[/premium]

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