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Name Product: Mike Heath  – Facebook Pixel Training
Market price: $150
Author: Mike Heath
Home: http://rapidleads.co/pixeltraining/

Hey, do you want to run better Facebook ads? And do it without losing your shirt? And maybe make a profit too?
Then you need pixels.
Next Thursday, February 11th 2016 at 1pm EST, I’ll be laying it all down for you.
I know most of you all know Facebook ads, at least a little. You probably know enough to be dangerous, right? Familiar with what’s there, but kind of iffy on what buttons to press and levers to pull, in what order.
I’ve talked to several of you on the phone or on skype, and the overwhelming message was that you need more than the basic training, more than a cursory overview – the ones that are a dime a dozen in your newsfeed all day – you need the real “meat” behind all that 101-level nonsense.
If that’s you, and you want to stop feeling like you’re guessing whenever you run FB ads, then here’s my offer.
I’m going to show you everything I know about pixels:

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