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Mike Filsaime – Webinar Control

Mike Filsaime – Webinar Control
Market price: $997
Author: Mike Filsaime
Home sale:_http://shop.mikefilsaime.com/webinar-control/sp/webinar-control-replay.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter-bt&utm_campaign=1-wc+webinar+invite&utm_content=44-webinar+hs+3

Key Points In This Webinar:
6:25 – Apple Watch Giveaway #118:30 – Why you need to be doing webinars
19:50 – Why webinars are the best way to market online
22:20 – What customers who attend and buy from webinars have in common
23:57 – The 5 Laws that will double your profits
25:42 – Must-know Law #129:40 – The truth about whether testimonials hurt or help conversions
30:20 – Cool Conversion Tip #1
34:05 – Cool Conversion Tip #2
35:05 – Must-know Law #2
39:53 – BONUS Tip to increase your show rate
41:55 – Must-know Law #3
46:00 – Bonus Tip to Maximize Your Stick Rate is Revealed
46:35 – Must-know Law #4
52:00 – Super Ninja Tip for Conversions is Revealed
55:15 – What others say about using this framework for their webinars
57:40 – Testimonial – Kent
1:21:35 – Must-know Law #5
1:35:50 – Apple Watch Giveaway #2
1:38:30 – Q&A
1:58:36 – What Others Are Saying

You’ll Gain Access To:
Instant Access In-Depth Training on Webinar Control  – Proven webinar hacks to double sales on any webinar, step-by-step webinar slides structure training, How to structure your close for maximum closes, Webinar control event promotion framework
BONUS: Webinar Control for Product Launches – The new webinar control launch for 2x profits, how to run the safest product launch for success
Webinar Metrics Explained
Webinar Funnel Profit Forecaster
Email Copy Clinic  – 2 detailed videos that walk you through the thought process of every line of high converting emails
Email Swipes  – Over 80 of the best promoting emails to reference and use anytime you send an email
My Click Funnels Replay Page and JV Page
Webinar Genesis
Webinar University Archives (Priceless)
60 Days Free Access to WebinarJam and EverWebinar with Training from Mike Filsaime
And that’s just scratching the surface of Webinar Control…

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