Michael Breus – Sleep Success Summit(2016)

Name Product:  Michael Breus – Sleep Success Summit(2016)
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Sleep affects every aspect of your life. Yet, for most, restful sleep is a complete mystery!
If you want to improve anything, it starts with sleep. Sleep heals illness. Sleep reduces stress. Like diet and exercise, sleep is a pillar of wellness. No matter who or where you are, it’s time to understand these educational facts and actionable ways to affect your sleep in a positive manner…starting tonight!
Did you know?
30% of people experience insomnia at some point in their lives.
Those who sleep next to a snoring partner lose one hour of sleep each night.
25% of children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD have a sleep disorder. When fixed, these symptoms disappear.
One night of sleep deprivation can put your body into a diabetic state!
A decrease in sleep by 1.5 hours reduces performance by 32%.
Reaction time after staying awake for 17-19 hours is worse than a 0.05% blood alcohol level.

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