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[Special Offer] Melyssa Griffin – Blog to Biz Hive

Melyssa Griffin – Blog to Biz Hive
Market price: $597
Author: :Melyssa Griffin
Home sale: http://archive.is/Mjwjk#selection-4667.0-5536.5

Have you ever seen super successful bloggers and wondered, “How on Earth are they making money?”
If you’ve been blogging and trying to make money online, it can be really frustrating to see people who popped out of nowhere making multiple six figures per year.
And if you’re newer to blogging, seeing other people’s revenue numbers can be totally intimidating.
You see people with massive social media followings who seem to be “living the blogger dream”… but for the life of you, you can’t figure out how they actually make such a significant amount of money with their business.
You’d love to get the same results, but how? Do they have something you don’t? Nope!
You can do it too. Just imagine…

Being the go-to leader of your topic and having hundreds (or thousands) of customers thanking you for helping them to get exactly what they wanted.
Blowing the cap off of your income goals and having a limitless income potential.
Finally being able to take amazing vacations, pay off your debt, and spend more time with your friends and family while working from home.
Making money for your creative work without having to actually trade hours for dollars.

I can tell you from personal experience that this is not true.
In order to make even a small amount of money with ads, you need to have a ridiculously massive following. It’s nearly impossible to turn ads into a full-time income. (Think about it: even The New York Times and Vogue have trouble with this business model.)
Besides, if you’re building a following based on ads, you’re literally sending traffic away from your site once they get there. What’s the point of building a following, only to send people away?

The Blog to Biz Hive™ compiles the most powerful lessons and strategies I’ve learned into a fool-proof, step-by-step system that will turn your blog into a money-making biz.
In the Blog to Biz Hive™, I’m showing you the exact strategies I’ve used and steps I’ve taken to grow my following to over 50,000 subscribers and half a million dollars in annual income.
I believe your blog is your #1 asset. And I’m going to show you how to use it in order to increase your income, launch your first e-course and grow an engaged community that absolutely loves what you create.
The Blog to Biz Hive is the only community and course you need to truly achieve your goals, to wildly grow your audience, and to launch your first e-course. Let’s do this, yo.
In the Blog to Biz Hive, you’ll learn how to create a buzzing, engaged community AND turn it into a full-time business by launching an online course. It’s kind of like two courses in one.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the seven modules:
Module 1: Rapidly Grow Your Traffic With Fresh Strategies
Module 2: Understanding Your Email List + Newsletter
Module 3: Email List Growth Hacking
Module 4: Map Out Your Amazing E-Course
Module 5: Build Your Entire Course from A to Z
Module 6: Marketing and Launching Like a Boss
Module 7: Tech Trainings Galore


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    the link to payment doesn’t work. It gives 404 error. I’d appreciate your help.

  2. Juliana says:

    Hello, I’m interested in this course, but the link doesn’t work. How can I purchase it, please?

  3. likelly says:

    Do you have melyssa’s pinfinite growth course?

  4. hey011 says:

    Can you open this for free download? Users will be free to download after 45 days since we post

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