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Matt Furey – Maxwell Maltz’s Theatre of the Mind

Name Product: Matt Furey  – Maxwell Maltz’s Theatre of the Mind
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Author: Matt Furey
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Dear Friend,
Hi, my name is Matt Furey, and I want to ask you something:
“One of the world’s good and great, Matt Furey expertly blends the ancient with the new, combining the power of the modern day warrior, the wisdom of the yogi and the compassionate heart of the living master. If you ever have the chance to learn from Matt, I most heartily recommend you jump at it.”
-Barefoot Doctor
How much do you really use the power of your mind?
You’re probably no stranger to Earl Nightingale’s famous quote, “You become what you think about.” And I’m guessing you endorse its underlying belief that the mind has tremendous power to impact outcomes.
But are you actively, consistently employing that power to create the results you want?
Think of the most important areas of your life…
MONEY: Do you have as much as you need and then some? Or are your debts and expenses an occasional, or even constant, source of struggle and worry?
CAREER: Do you enjoy what you do for a living? Does it bring you the income level you need and the sense of fulfillment you crave?
HAPPINESS: Simple question – do you love YOU? When you look in the mirror, are you truly happy with yourself? I don’t mean just with how you look, but with the person staring back at you, the life you’re living, the state of your relationships?
Years ago, I found myself facing down that same set of questions, and coming up with a whole lot of nos.
No, I didn’t have enough money. No, my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be. No, I couldn’t honestly say I was 100% crazy about myself.
And no, I had no real idea of how to fix any of it. Or that it even could be fixed.

At the time, I was fresh off a hugely successful high school and college athletic career, struggling to get a personal training business off the ground and unsure of what my future would look like.
One of my clients offered to mentor me in business. As part of that process, he handed me a book with a strange title, by a guy I’d never heard of.
That book changed everything for me.
Now, I want to change everything for you.
When I found out that tens of millions of other people had experienced similar changes upon discovering this information, I wasn’t surprised at all. As far as I was (and still am) concerned, it’s the single most powerful personal development advancement ever. Because it gives YOU the tools to:

Control and Direct the Single Most
Influential Force in Your Life
Have you ever noticed how, even more than the actors, it’s the director of a movie who comes in for the most praise – or the most criticism?
There’s a good reason for that. No one has more influence over a film than the person sitting in the director’s chair. It’s the director who tells the actors what to do and how to do it. It’s the director who puts all the pieces together.
It’s the director who transforms something that began in a person’s imagination into something alive. Something real.
More than 50 years ago, a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz made a fascinating and troubling observation.
He observed that many patients continued to see themselves as ugly, disfigured, unworthy, or unlovable… even though reconstructive surgery had corrected their external physical scars or flaws, and in many cases made them beautiful!
These patients’ self-images didn’t change, even though their physical images had.
Maltz realized that the human mind was like a theatre, with movies playing in it all day long. Collections of pictures that are connected to ideas, beliefs, and memories, all of which come together to tell a certain story.
These “mental movies” were what Maltz’s patients were seeing when they looked in the mirror or thought about themselves. And they were far more powerful and real than anything the outside world presented to them.
But Maltz also discovered that, as powerful as these mental movies were, it was possible for a person to access this Theatre of the Mind, as he called it, and replace the images running on its screen with new, positive, affirming images.
In other words, a person could become the director of their own mental movies – and project any NEW vision they could imagine onto the canvas of their REAL life.

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