Matt Furey – Maxwell Maltz’s Theatre of the Mind

Name Product: Matt Furey  – Maxwell Maltz’s Theatre of the Mind
Market price: $249
Author: Matt Furey
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“The 3-Part Secret That Can Catapult Anyone from the Dungeon of Despair to Paradise on Earth”
In the Office, Out in the Field, in the Classroom, in Your Home, in Your Business and With Everyone You Meet or Know – Everything Can Instantly Shift Toward the Positive Once You Know the Secret of All Secrets.
The greatest mind-body breakthrough of the 20th century on steroids. This extraordinary program gives you quantum-leap power to remember, reproduce, imagine, feel, and create the results you want in any and all areas of your life
This is Psycho-Cybernetics Gone Wild. This is NEW. And it’ll create a newer, better YOU, faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

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