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Mark Divine – Unbeatable Mind Academy

Mark Divine – Unbeatable Mind Academy
Mark Divine – Unbeatable Mind Academy
Market price: $299
Author: Mark Divine
Home sale:_http://unbeatablemind.com/about-the-program/

Unbeatable Mind is an intensive online training program with step-by-step techniques for gaining mental clarity, increased focus, physical fitness and nutrition and increased awareness.
The program is based on our successful Academies and Unbeatable Mind Retreat held at SEALFIT Headquarters, modified for easy and convenient accessibility online.
It begins with the Foundations Course, which consists of 12 lessons  that build off the framework foundation presented in the latest Unbeatable Mind book. Lesson 1 will be made available to you immediately, with a new lesson following each month.
In the Foundations Course, you’ll discover things like:

The first premise of the warrior. Master this skill alone and you are operating at the top 1% of society!
The 2 disciplines you will need to develop as you begin your practice
The 3 stages of mental toughness at a physiological level
The 4 levels of awareness and how you should orient yourself to the world using these awareness levels
The 5 critical skills for developing mental toughness, including the “Big 4″ taught to Navy SEALs
The 6 core values you must make habits as a warrior
The 7 secrets to training mental toughness in others. Warriors don’t go it alone, I will teach you how to train your team
The 8 traits of the unbeatable warrior you must cultivate on your journey

Once you complete these lessons you will deepen your training of body, mind and spirit as an individual and leader in Advanced Training… which takes you even deeper into these core lessons.
Listen to Commander Mark Divine describe the Unbeatable Mind program, and hear what members have to say.

Unbeatable Guarantee
4e1d1003-guaranteeWhen you join the Unbeatable Mind Academy today you’re entering the SEALFIT family. This is not something we take lightly or for granted. Because you’re now part of the SEALFIT family you’re getting the family treatment. During your membership you’ll be protected by our triple membership guarantee:
Guarantee #1:Guarantee #1: Delivery – You can count on SEALFIT to deliver the highest level content each and every month like clockwork. We’ll continue to provide your monthly lesson until you tell us to stop.
Guarantee #2: Guarantee #2: Affordability – For as long as you are member of Unbeatable Mind your membership tuition will NEVER change. Obviously we will likely increase the price as time goes on but not for you!
Guarantee #3 – 100% Satisfaction – If at any time you’re not thrilled with Unbeatable Mind Academy just let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. You can contact our customer service at (760)

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Mark Divine – Unbeatable Mind Academy Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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