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Who Else Wants To Know How To Generate Massive Traffic & Cheap But Highly Targeted Leads Via Video Ads From A Platform That Is Getting Over 8 Billion Views Per Day Guaranteed?
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From The Desk Of Mario Brown
Wow on November 4th, 2015 at 2pm Pacific the biggest social network announced that they’re getting 8 Billion (!) views daily to their videos. Let’s read this again, 8 BILLION Views, that’s with a ‘B’.
That’s just insane, can you imagine how much Traffic this would be for your affiliate marketing business, your information marketing products, your eCommerce store or local marketing agency?
Video Marketing is exploding right now and the place where it has the absolute fastest growth is that exact social network, which is now competing with Youtube.
Plus, since just 3 weeks you now can ALSO advertise directly on Instagram, reaching a Brand New Audience of ‘just’ 400+ Million people.
Are You Going To Leverage This For Traffic, Leads & Sales?
I immediately saw the opportunity and jumped right in running Video Ads, testing variations, figuring out how to get the cheapest leads, tweaked my landing pages for the highest conversions and here is the best part: I RECORDED EVERYTHING
Yes I’ve collected data day after day, investing my own money to create an amazing case study for YOU to leverage immediately.

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