[Special Offer] Lori Kennedy RHN – Weight Loss Coach Training & Done-For-You Program

Lori Kennedy RHN - Weight Loss Coach Training & Done-For-You Program
Lori Kennedy RHN – Weight Loss Coach Training & Done-For-You Program
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ATTENTION Health Practitioners, Health Coaches and Fitness Professionals: This Is The #1 Thing Health Professionals Like You Can Do To Quickly Gain Confidence & Prosper In Your Business…It’s time for you to build a sustainable business that transforms clients lives without having to recreate the wheel.

Dear Health & Wellness Entrepreneur,
Are you ready to have an irresistible 1:1 and group program that almost completely eliminates your unpaid at-home work time, while simultaneously instilling in you feelings of confidence and expertise?And how would you like to be able to start working with clients right now without having to create any new programs without having a website or an email list and without having to do anything OTHER THAN follow a step-by-step “program template” that’s already been done-for-you and has been proven successful by hundreds of your colleagues.


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What I’m going to share with you in this message will open your eyes and “reinvent” the way you look at serving clients as a health practitioner, health coach or fit pro.  I guarantee it.
If you’re feeling stuck and battling with the following thoughts…
Can I really do this?
How am I going to make money?
Where do I even begin?
How do I know what to teach and will it work?
Coupled with feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt you are in the right place.
If you are sick and tired of losing out on additional revenue because your clients want a nutrition and weight loss program BUT you just haven’t had the time or know-how to create one that’s proven to get them results, you are in the right place.
You are in the right place if you want to transform client’s bodies, coach them to re-establish a new relationship with food and health without relying on quick fixes, detoxes and supplements.
You are in the right place if you are serious about growing a holistic health, coaching or fitness business that you can feel proud of, that brings in consistent revenue each month and affords you the time freedom to actually live life on your own terms.
You are in the right place if you want to start having sustainable month over month revenue by attracting dream clients who will excitedly enrol into your 6- or 12-week program nutrition and weight loss program.
I’ve achieved these results for myself and I’ve helped hundreds of holistic health and fitness professionals JUST LIKE YOU achieve the very same!

What Is This Weight Loss Coach Training
It’s Actually 3-Things-In-1:

# 1. Practical Weight Loss Coach Training
It’s a proven 5-module weight loss coach training course that connects the science of weight loss with the coaching strategies  and PRACTICAL client tools you need to ensure you coach with confidence AND get repeatable success for your clients.
But the best part is, you’ll finally learn how to coach for healthy and maintainable weight loss, how to help your clients stop their self-sabotaging patterns, how to guide them through plateaus and how to impress their medical doctors so you look like the rockstar expert that you are!
All you have to do is follow my lead (I’ll even give you checklists, charts, and other tools to make it incredibly easy) and you’ll start generating “dream clients” who are willing to pay top dollar to enrol a nutrition and weight loss program that you didn’t even have to create.

# 2. Business-In-A-Virtual-Box
It’s a massive set of nutrition resources and a giant coaching TOOLBOX for holistic health entrepreneurs like you that will allow you to work less and achieve more by leveraging your knowledge, your time, and the resources I’ll provide to you.
Not only will you get printed client materials, week-by-week structures, and easy to implement automation systems in your toolkit, but I’ll also walk you through several real time examples of how to implement what I’m going to teach you so that you’ll feel confident and secure in your ability to achieve these results with your new dream clients.

# 3. Done-For-You Self-Branded 12-Week Nutrition & Weight Loss Program
It’s a completely done-for-you, private labelled 12-week nutrition and weight loss program that your current clients are already begging you to help them with… How many times have friends, family and clients asked about HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT?

Here’s An Overview Of What’s Included In
The Weight Loss Coach Training

MODULE 1: Build The Right Foundation
Vision, Ideal Client, Positioning & Branding, Pricing:
Start the right business and design an action plan to guide you while you build the right foundation
How to chose a lucrative target market (inside the weight loss niche) and define your ideal “dream client” so you set yourself up for success in the long term
How to best position and brand your uniqueness and expertise to command premium prices and get the best results for your clients
The best way to package and price your program so it’s in alignment with your self worth so you don’t undercharge

MODULE 2: Understand and Measure Metabolism
Metabolic Terms, Metabolic Syndrome and Weight, All About Body Composition:
Gain confidence by understanding metabolic terms and easily be able to explain their importance to clients
1-in-4 people have at least 1-2 risk factors for metabolic syndrome (you need 3 to be diagnosed) so you must understand what it is and how it affects metabolism and health regardless of the niche market you serve
Learn why weight is just a number on a scale and how to assess, measure and evaluate body composition for your clients to get a true measure of disease risk and health
Expertly flow through the body composition client assessment process using the scripts I give you in the program

MODULE 3: Hormones & Relationship To Weight
Insulin, Cortisol, Leptin, Ghrelin, Estrogen and Testosterone:
Learn the 6 ‘metabolic controlling’ hormones so that you can understand the relationship to weight loss and weight gain
Determine the signs and symptoms of unbalanced hormones so you can identify what’s really going on for the client
Identify specific foods the client should regularly eat or stay away from based on their signs, symptoms and goals

MODULE 4: The Client Enrolment Process
    Learn to enrol clients with ease and grace by following my 5-Step Transformation Conversion Consultation
Transform your own mindset around sales so that you can invite clients into transformation with confidence knowing that you will help them achieve their goals
Use my overcoming objections scripts so that you address objections before they even happen
Follow the step-by-step client agreement and enrolment checklist making the new client on-boarding process quick, simple and painless

MODULE 5: Coach The 12-Week Program
    Without any prior experience you will learn how to coach your clients through their weight loss journey
Expertly communicate and lead the personalized program delivery in a 1:1 or group setting
Enjoy weekly coaching sessions with clients where you focus on ONE topic and ONE goal guaranteeing your clients stay on track
Feel fulfilled knowing that you are leading clients through daily transformations that have lifelong effects

Bonus 1 (Worth $297): Done-For-You Client Forms
You’ll get eight of the exact forms that I used in my practice on a daily basis to close new clients, as well as to implement the 12-week program that you’ll receive.
With these done-for-you forms you’ll be able to skip hiring a designer, you’ll be able to jump right into the professional, high quality look that will help you attract better, more ideal clientele without having to spend a penny to get them.
*All of the done-for-you forms are in word so you can easily add your own business name and contact info.

You’ll Receive:
    The 5-Day Food Tracker (used in Transformational Conversion Conversations)
Body composition analysis
Client agreement
Interest profile
Testimonial request and release
Daily food and mood tracker
Doctor introduction letter
Weekly client tracking
And more…
Consider this your “client tool box” that you need to enrol and coach clients with.

Bonus 2 (Worth $97): Whole Foods Recipe Book
One of the most popular questions I used to get in my practice was, “Lori, what should I eat?” I quickly solved that problem by creating a 76 page whole foods based recipe book.
You’ll get the pdf version and the working files so you can create your own cover image and add your own branding without having to re-create or change anything else.
Here’s a sneak peak inside the table of contents:
Favorite Foods
Measurement Conversion
A Note About Cooking Sprays & Coconut Oil
Ingredient Substitutions
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Sides, Shakes, & Desserts
Glycemic Index & Sugar Substitutes

Bonus 3 (Worth $497): Q&A Coaching Call Recordings
This invaluable set of recordings that you’ll receive when you order the Weight Loss Coach Training will help to answer 100% of the questions that you might have regarding technical set-up challenges, pipeline bottlenecks, and client acquisition questions that might arise as you go through this process.
You’ll be able to “peek” into the businesses of fellow holistic health entrepreneurs who have purchased a program very similar to this one as they open up and ask specific questions and I analyze their business in answering their questions.
If you are the kind of person who learns best through “group work” and seeing people just like you implementing these strategies then you are going to LOVE these powerful and timely recordings.

Bonus 4 (Worth $297): Complete Starter Kit
No time to blog or write your email newsletter? No problem.  Want to grow your business with in-person talks but don’t have time to create any PPT presentations? We’ve got you covered.
The Complete Starter Kit gives you almost everything you need to build your email list, grow your social media influence and book yourself solid with webinars and/or free talks. The best part is all of the components are 100% customizable and copyright free.
You’ll Receive:
15 Food & Lifestyle Blogs
15 Stunning Quote Images
15 Beautiful Food Images
6 Food & Nutrition PPT’s

Bonus 5 (Worth $197): Implementation & Launch Workshop
This is a pre-recorded 2 hour launch and implementation workshop were you will get all of your launch and technology and client questions answered.
This workshop was recorded live where previous participants submitted their questions.
These questions are likely be the exact same questions you are now struggling with so we know you will find this bonus invaluable!

PRICE: You can get this course with only $48

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