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Kenrick Cleveland – Double Helix DNA of Perusasion

Kenrick Cleveland – Double Helix DNA of Perusasion
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Double Helix – the DNA of Persuasion Seminar.

Props to original poster of AVIs. All I did was convert to MP4, dropping the size to about 2 Gig. I did not include 4-2, because it was corrupted. It LOOKS like it’s included in DVD 4, anyway.


It’s the culmination of 30 years of research, training and ‘in the trenches’ experience! And it’s not for everyone…

You might not have heard of my work and how I have trained many of the top producers in many selling niches over the last 27+ years. How participants in my seminars and Coaching Club regularly and repeatedly report sales increases of 45%, 121%, 308% and more.

For most of my whole life, I’ve searched for a unifying principle for persuasion. The core, yet overarching organizing principle of clear communication.

What I recently uncovered is the wellspring! It simplifies and organizes the Alpha strategies of increasing value ( like social proof, and scarcity, etc.); the Omega strategies of reducing resistance ( like distraction, and acknowledging resistance, etc.); and the core persuasion techniques ( such as rapport, criteria, language patterns, etc.). And I’ve made it “a piece of cake”, easy to learn!

When I release my Double Helix – the DNA of Persuasion Seminar, it’s going to shake the very foundation of sales and persuasion training worldwide.

Here’s what I can guarantee you… this seminar might not be for you. I don’t know… it might not be suitable or you might not be ready. But, when you look forward, into your future, and you see how you could have been closing most (if not all!) of the people you persuade, you will regret not getting a chance to look at the offer when I send out the preferred notice to my list.

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