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Joe Troyer – Local Lead Gen Mastery

Name Product: Joe Troyer – Local Lead Gen Mastery
Market price: $697
Author: Joe Troyer
Home sale: http://localleadgenmastery.com/

Learn The Easiest Way To Make $2,000 Per Month and Then Leverage It To 6 Figures
(+ Learn How To Create Assets For Yourself)

Don’t Take Our Word On How Powerful Our LLGM Training Is…
Take The Word OF Hundreds Of People Getting Results

Ranking My Clients On Google Maps Page 1 in 2-3 Days…
Just Follow The Process – I’ve Already Got Rankings, Calls & A Client
1 Week After The Site Was Indexed: 16 Results In The 3 Pack
Sold Lead Gen Site For $1500+ $30 Per Call
Newbie Ranks In 3 Pack In Less Than 14 Days
$1,000 mo/ For Lead Gen
Tons Of First Page Listings – Already Getting Leads
Execution Maps Helped Me Land My First Client Ever
Ranked For 30 Cities Within 20 Minutes
8,000 Up Front & $850 Mo + 47 Calls In 10 Days
Client Ranks #1 For The State & City In Google Maps
Execution Maps Helped Me Land My First Client Ever
My Bank Account Went From 0 – Thousands Per Month

Click to”show”=>Download For Vip Member
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]


Ranking #2 For Furnace Repair!
Results After Using Your Scripts
I Managed To Rank #1 For My Main Keyword In Maps For My First Site!
$1497 Mo + $297 Setup Client Deal Signed!

Get Access To Our Core Curriculum
When you join Local Lead Gen Mastery we will be training you with our proven process of Building, Ranking & Selling Lead Gen Sites. You will be a competent SEO after you follow the process. You will literally be on the cutting edge.
(Even If Your A COMPLETE Beginner)

Cherry Pickin’
I’ll show you how to make sure you find a niche, where business owners will be begging you to work with them.

Show Me The Money
I’ll show you in this module how to price your leads, based on the niche you decided to go after.. This step will ensure your making as much money possible form this market.

The Numbers Game
Tracking is key you have to show your clients exactly what they’re getting, so you keep getting paid!

Site Blueprint
I’ll show you my exact step-by-step process, for putting together sites that make me thousands every month.

Client Catcher
In this module I will share with you how I actually get my clients, to ensure you can get started making money right away! What do you say? Do you need a contract?

Profit Squeezer
In this module we will go over a few simple tweaks that will help you draw 20%-40% more out of each site

Rinse & Repeat
Now it’s time to scale, I’l teach you how to take a winner and scale it fast!

Get Access To Our Over The Shoulder Execution Maps
When you join Local Lead Gen Mastery we will take you  step by step though our proven process for setting up sites.  Not only will we give you our step by step system with EVERY detail, but we’ll even walk through it step by step with you in our training!

Week 1
Get Your Initial Setup Completed & First Site Live. We’ll be turning on auto backups, teaching you how to clone your assets, and getting your feet wet.
Week 2
The goal of this execution checklist is to make the final edits to your Lead Gen sites, and to officially start your marketing campaign.

Week 3
The goal of this execution checklist is to jumpstart your marketing campaign with low hanging fruit.
Week 4
The goal of this execution checklist is to really get into link building, building out local landing pages with local spinner, deploying some automation and finally doing a competitive analysis to see what else we need to do to compete organically.

Week 5
The goal of this execution checklist is to get a sales process down that you can scale for your lead gen sites. Building a clean list to market to, how to use our swipes, the most common objections, and what to do when a prospect says “yes”,

Your Bonus’s
When you join Local Lead Gen Mastery we will be training you with our proven process of Building, Ranking & Selling Lead Gen Sites. You will be a competent SEO after you follow the process. You will literally be on the cutting edge.  (Even If Your A Beginner)

60 Days Access To Launchpad
Get 60 days access to our software platform: Launchpad. Backup, Clone, Automatically Update, Build Content, and Schedule Content. PLUS keep track of ALL your KPI’s:  Indexed Pages, Domain Authority, Load Time, Uptime & Downtime.  PLUS get credit to 1 D4Y site from the marketplace each month. (Value $198)
Lead Gen Prospector
Pushbutton simplicity to generate leads that are already buying the services you’re selling. Choose your niche, select your area and push a button; It’s that simple to pull back hundreds of fresh leads! Value: $9

Local Keyword Digger
Local Keyword Digger is an easy to use application that will make the process of doing keyword research a breeze. Value: $47

The EXACT Contracts I Use
These are the contracts I use for all of my clients. I paid my lawyer $3,000 for these…yours FREE! You don’t ever want to do a deal on a hand shake. Value: $3,000

Joe Troyer – Local Lead Gen Mastery  Contains: Video, PDF’
Download from Rapidgator
Download from Nitroflare

Download from Mega
>>>Will Be Updated<<<
***If link dead, please leave a message,or to send message to a [email protected]  We will update immediately***[/premium]

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  1. Itaysemail says:

    Thanks bro! Was Looking for this!

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Well come

  2. SNDeluxe says:

    Wrong product on paypal, bro. It show me 100k factory as item.

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Paypal buy buttons are limited, so we use the purchase of 100K

      1. SNDeluxe says:

        Ah ok, i don´t know that. Fine, i will make my payment now.

      2. SNDeluxe says:

        Done 😉

        1. Macbus87 says:

          Paid, please check your mail!

    2. Ally says:

      I liaertlly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

  3. jesseisaacc says:

    I’ll make a payment soon

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Thank you!

  4. menjac21 says:

    so when i buy this i have the link ritgh away?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Well immediately after payment, you will receive a link download immediately

  5. matt181 says:

    Just sent payment!

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Done, please check your mail!

  6. matt181 says:

    Thanks, What about access to the software where it asks for purchase email what email do we use?

  7. josh45678 says:

    looks like it has been 20 days since the GB was started. I’m a lifetime member, could you send me a link? Thanks

    1. Macbus87 says:

      LGB Started: 25/6/2016

  8. jack says:

    Hi Macbus87, I’m a lifetime memeber, could you send me a link? 😉

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Done, please check!

  9. menjac21 says:

    a question here what do i put as email to acces the software? how does it work?

  10. Sunny says:

    Hi Macbus87,
    The softwares in this course require to enter the email used to purchase this course.
    Can you please send that or advice an alternative to it?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      You do not need to use the software.

      1. Sunny says:

        Hi Macbus87,
        Thanks for the response. I was trying to use the tools in the bonus section;
        Lead Gen Prospector
        Local Keyword Digger

        When I launch either of them, it asks for an email used during the purchase to be able to use the above tools.

  11. ptran38 says:

    Should the contents be the same as Lead Gen Exposion 2.0?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      It is the latest version

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