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Name Product: Joe Polish – Rich Cleaner Boot Camp
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Author: Joe Polish
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“If You Can ‘Copy & Paste’ The Text From Some
‘Secret’ Pre-Written Ads And Postcards,
Then You Have What It Takes To
Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook With
New Cleaning & Restoration Clients…
And Double Or Even Triple
Your Business Practically Overnight!”

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On September 24th – 26th in Phoenix, Arizona, a select group of
650 cleaning & restoration professionals attended
the Rich Cleaner Boot Camp where we revealed
the exact “success blueprint” Sandy Raskob used to
grow her cleaning & restoration business from a meager
$175,000 to nearly $2,000,000.00 per year. Read on to discover her
amazing story… and find out how YOU can legally STEAL her
money-making ads and ‘secret’ advertising spots and
use them immediately to dominate your market…

What Do These Cleaners Know
That The Average Cleaner Does Not?
Actually just 2 things – the 2 important business-building lessons I mentioned earlier. These lessons are simple, and they go together. Here they are:

Lesson 1
The Fastest Way To Grow Your Cleaning Business In Today’s Economy Is Not By Doing More Hard Work… But By Improving Your Marketing!
Lesson 2
The Fastest Way To Improve Your Marketing Is NOT By Throwing Your Money Away Trying Out Things That Might Work… But By Getting Proven Ads That Have Brought In Hordes Of New Clients For Other Cleaning Businesses… And Simply Copying Them!
Yes, you read that right. The one thing these cleaners have in common is that they are all using the exact same “blueprint” for success… a set of advertisements and techniques that have been proven to give a carpet cleaner an almost “unfair” advantage over his competitors in any market in the country… as the cleaners in this short video will attest:
The amazing thing is that these secrets work for any cleaner in any market, regardless of what you’ve tried in the past, and whether you’ve been in the business 2 years or 20. If you can “copy” a few simple ads… then use a few strategic techniques for getting the most out of the clients they bring you… then you too will experience the same success.
The reason I am so confident is because I’ve discovered a simple money-getting system that has been proven to double or even triple the income of any carpet cleaning business (and I’m about to prove it to you). This system is easy to use, and it is not complex. In fact, it consists of just 5 steps…

Sadly, Most Carpet Cleaners
Will Never Become Rich…
My name is Joe Polish, and I’ve been involved in the carpet cleaning industry for more than 18 years.
Since then I’ve seen a lot of cleaning businesses succeed. But I’ve also seen a great many of them fail.
Let’s face it: This business can be tough.
It doesn’t help that we are smack dab in the middle of the worst recession our country has ever seen.
It wasn’t all that long ago that I nearly lost my own carpet cleaning business myself.
I was 24 years old… and had bought into the dream of running my own business, being my own boss, and of course, making tons of money in the process.
But as most who get into our business know… that’s not always how it starts out.
During my early years I was struggling to crack $2,000 a month in jobs. I found myself cleaning up cat pee in Section 8 apartments in 110 degree Phoenix summer heat all day… and barely making enough to fill my gas tank.
Not only was I a “prisoner” to my business, cleaning every carpet myself, then going home and having to face all of the “office stuff”… I was also DEAD BROKE.
I was working harder than I ever had in my entire life… with nothing to show for it but a sore back. I can’t tell you how many times I thought about just listing my van in the classifieds and giving up.
Just about the only thing that stopped me is that up until that point I had failed in pretty much every business venture I’d attempted. I’ll be the first to admit I was no “natural” when it came to growing a cleaning business. In fact, it’s safe to say I was just plain bad.

How I “Accidentally”
Grew My Business Over 1000%
In Just 6 Months!
I’ll never forget how my “turn-around” began. I was having lunch with a new friend of mine who was in a business that I figured was about as far off from cleaning carpets as one could get – in fact, he was a “relationship coach”!
But he too was using direct mail to get clients (it was just about the only business-related thing we had in common.)
He had called me that morning FREAKING OUT…
Apparently his latest ad had hit the pages over the weekend while he was vacationing… and upon arriving home and checking his voicemail, he discovered he’d gotten…

More Calls From Eager Clients In 3 Days…
Than He’d Had In The Last 3 Months!
He showed me the “miraculous” ad, and explained to me how he had learned the concept from an underground marketing newsletter (that had cost him several hundred dollars to subscribe.)
It got my attention immediately. It was unlike anything I’d seen before.
I wondered if it would work for my business as well.
I’d been putting off renewing my own ad, as I wasn’t even sure if I was going to stay in the business.. But after seeing what this new ad had done for him, I said, “What the hay”.
I took the ad he wrote, switched out the “relationship” words with words related to carpet cleaning, threw it on my “least maxed-out” visa… and crossed my fingers…

The Tiny ‘Stolen’ Ad That
Changed My Business Forever…
And the rest is, well, history.
That ad got me more phone calls from eager clients than I could handle. In fact, it got me so many clients that eventually I had to begin outsourcing some of the work to my competitors.
But more importantly than that… it taught me the lesson that soon allowed me to grow my little business from barely squeaking by on $2100 a month, to $12,300 a month in just 6 months… without any additional “work” on my part… and actually spending LESS time personally cleaning carpets.
That lesson is this:
Making money in the cleaning industry has NOTHING to do with cleaning carpets… and everything to do with MARKETING carpet cleaning products and services.
The success of that ad drove me to start studying every piece of marketing info I could get my hands on. Specifically, Direct Response Marketing.
I even ponied up the money for that ‘secret’ newsletter (unfortunately the writer of that newsletter is no longer with us, but I’m still using the tricks I learned from him to this day.)
My main strategy was to take successful ads from other industries and apply them to the cleaning business. Let’s just say it continued to work very well! (I now have an archive of DOZENS of these ads that I’ll be sharing with my Rich Cleaner audience.)
Since the amount of clients was no longer an issue, I realized the best way to make even more money would be to start focusing on HIGHER-END clients.
So I started tweaking the ads to bring me those clients, specifically. (I can’t wait to share this secret with you)
Before long, over 60% of my jobs were in high-end homes.

Other Cleaners Started
Ripping Me Off!
Other cleaners began hearing of my success, and begged me to share what I was doing.
I let a few friends in other cities “rip off” my ads, and I showed them a few of my strategies for generating referrals and booking restoration jobs.
Sure enough, the strategies worked like gangbusters… for friends in markets both big and small.
That’s what inspired me to put on my first ever Piranha Marketing Boot Camp back in 1996… and share what I had discovered with a small handful of soon-to-be-rich cleaners. Because as soon as they went home and began using copying my ads and using them in their markets…
They Started Making

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