Jimmy Kelley – The SEO Traffic Hospital

Name Product: Jimmy Kelley – The SEO Traffic Hospital
Market price: $1497
Author: Jimmy Kelley
Home sale: https://www.networkempire.com/training/at2-seo-traffic-hospital-and-recovery/

Included In Your Training
Watch A Domain Get Penalized and How It Incurs A Penalty
We’ll take brand new domains and show you exactly what it takes to incur a penalty.
Yes! We are going to “Google Penalize” a  real domain and Fix It For You, Right In Front of Your Eyes. (Wow!)

Step-By-Step Process for SEO Recovery
We are going to reveal Algorithmic Filters vs Manual step-by-step actions to heal your penalized domain.

Which Penalty Is Nailing You? Find Out!
We will show You How To Determine if its Manual, Algorithmic and/or “Something Else”. (Too many people jump to conclusions!)

Identifying and Fixing Panda
Identifying Panda – A foolproof way to be certain that you have been hit by Google Panda!
Step-by-Step Exactly How To Fix Panda! Watch while we go through one or more of the class participants’ sites and identify the problems that need to be fixed!

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