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Name Product: Jim Cockrum – PAC, PPI, Proven 4Q Plan
Market price: $297 + $197 + $400
Author: Jim Cockrum
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“Are you ready for a business that can be run from anywhere in the world, doesn’t involve you shipping anything to customers, and is virtually competition proof? Amazon is exploding with activity and we can show you how to get in NOW!”

What is the “Proven Amazon Course”?
Since 2009 when we first launched this course we’ve been continually updating it, adding creative new strategies, adding new support staff and most importantly turning our students into success stories. This is the most comprehensive, creative and up to date “selling on Amazon” course in the world supported by the largest team of successful Amazon selling moderators. Our active, professionally moderated discussion forums are there for one reason — to make sure you have the help you need when you need it.

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We’ll Show You
Where to find virtually unlimited sources of inventory regardless of where you live in the world (this is a GLOBAL opportunity). We added in a course that others paid $1,500 for that shows you STEP BY STEP how to find profitable inventory any time you’d like!
How to build your own brand of private label products that you can sell directly online or to other sellers
How to easily ship your inventory in bulk at dirt cheap prices directly to Amazon’s warehouse (you don’t have to ship to customers! Just ship it to Amazon!)
How to price your inventory higher than your competition while still outselling them
How to automate the entire process so that you only check your sales reports (no need to ever SEE, TOUCH or even STORE your inventory!)
How to run your business from anywhere and automate it (have others doing the work)
How our students from all over the world are setting up successful businesses and you can too no matter where you live. We have the ONLY truly international “Selling on Amazon” course online
The simple tools you can take with you anywhere you ever go so you can instantly spot the “winning inventory” and within a couple mouse clicks be 100% done with your part of the job. Amazon does the rest.
Much more…

What’s included?
Introduction to Amazon FBA: Audio Interview (and full transcript)
Step-by-Step getting-started videos to get you up and running on Amazon
Categorized Course Videos on every aspect of building and running a successful Amazon business
How to create and market you own private label products from one of the world’s leading private label experts
Discounts on tools and services that can help you automate your business, increase your productivity, and maximize your profts
An entire course of 30+ high-profit sourcing strategies
How to get others to source for you by building a sourcing team
Expert-compiled list of over 200 legitimate wholesale sources
Access to our very active private Facebook group with 13,600+ members and dozens of helpful moderators ready to assist you if you prefer Facebook over traditional forums.
Expert-monitored discussion forum area (this alone is worth 5 times the price of this course). This area is SWARMING with Amazon sellers sharing creative ideas and helping each other out.

If you know where to look, Amazon will tell you EXACTLY what high margin, zero competition, easily located products you should sell on their site for huge margins.
Sound impossible?

What’s this course about? How does it work?
Simply stated, Brett and his team use Amazon’s own ads as a data tool, not a sales tool. They don’t try to sell things with the ads they run, instead they use the ads to uncover incredibly “wide open” niche markets. These are “pockets” or “golden gaps” on Amazon where there is a lot of shopper search activity, but no matching product offers.
How proven and reliable is this course? Can YOU do this?
These concepts are the standard curriculum used by his team when he hires and trains them. It’s working for all of them.
The course lays out step by step videos showing you WHY it works so well, HOW to find these “golden gaps” yourself, and then exactly WHERE to source the products once you identify “golden gaps.”
We have plenty of support! Several of Brett’s team members and mine as well are trained on these ideas and using them. We have an exclusive Facebook group set up ONLY for students of this course where you can interact with those who understand the model fully (it’s not complicated).

What big problems does this course solve for you as an Amazon seller?
Now you can stop guessing about what inventory will and won’t sell. Know BEFORE you buy every time! It’s like Amazon is whispering to you EXACTLY what to source – all you have to do is go shopping for it!
The risk, legal exposure and long (and often expensive) marketing process of Private Label just isn’t necessary! In nearly all cases you’ll be selling easy to source items that you can sell without concern of competition.
While most strategies for success with online selling start out with RISK, BUYING IN BULK, GUESSING and a LONG LIST of preparation, set up and often risky marketing tactics, this system does not require any of that. Sourcing is reduced to a simple, predictable task with no guessing involved.

Here’s what’s included in the Proven Permormance Inventory course:
Full video instruction with transcripts (see list of videos below)
Brett’s suggested keyword brainstorming tools and cheat sheets

The opportunity to profit during Q4 is HUGE! Q4 can be SO big in fact that hundreds of sellers in our community report the same problem –
“I run out of money before I run out of deals!”
THIS is the Q4 thrill ride you’ve been waiting for!
Here’s how it works
Finding highly profitable inventory to flip online during Q4 is probably the world’s easiest business model. The deals are EVERYWHERE – so much so, that for the past few years “sharing deals” has become a trend among our audience.
The obvious question is…
Why waste time tracking down great deals yourself?
For example, if I’m at a retail store and I spot a $10 toy that’s selling fast on Amazon for $97, I’m going to buy them all up right? Wouldn’t it be cool though to then let a small select group of other sellers know about the same deal so they can get in on it too – in their town (or online?)
Understandably, you don’t want to share your “deals” and finds with thousands of other sellers, but hopefully you can see the HUGE benefit of having a small group of sellers interacting with each other sharing the great deals they are finding online and in retail stores during Q4.
That’s what ProvenQ4Plan is all about. It makes Q4 a thrill ride instead of a guessing game.

Jim Cockrum – PAC, PPI, Proven 4Q Plan Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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