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The Million-Dollar Phrases System reveals my 5 personal go-to money-making phrases.
All laid bare for you, word-for-word, so you can easily copy them into your own business.
Just sprinkle these words in the middle of any conversation and watch how easy it is to sell them on anything, a product, a service, consulting, even simply to go and do something for you.
And unlike those other chumps, there’s no memorization required.
Just sit back, and let me infuse everything I have to offer into that beautiful brain of yours.
Seriously, if making money online, in person, or over the phone has escaped you in the past – this is the program for you.

What I Discovered Watching
The Best Closers In The World
Years ago, I used to go to every workshop, Mastermind, and Selling Retreat you can think of.
I swear I’ve seen every single one of the best closers in the world dozens of times and it pissed me off every single time back then!

Because there I was, right in front row, I could hear the words.. I could see the tonality.. I could feel the urgency..
I knew I was getting sold with certain phrases, but it didn’t matter.
I still couldn’t figure out the formula to make it work, until one day..
After years and years of tedious research, compiling study after study, and trying hundreds of selling phrases on my friends, family, and business prospects, it finally “clicked”.
It all made sense, and I was off full force closing full rooms for butt loads of money.
I’ve shared this with you to say:
I *KNOW* you’ve seen my emails everyday.
I *KNOW* you’ve seen my videos.
I *KNOW* you’ve seen these phrases in person.
You’ve seen all the components, yet..
..what you don’t see is how to put them together to make it work.

What you don’t see YET is the structure,
the underlying psychological principles,
the strategy, the blinding simplicity,
the careful word selection, the pace, the tone,
and the deliberate pauses that go into every sentence..
Each phrase is deliberately designed, layered, one element on top of another.
Because right now, you might think you have all the assembly pieces..
But you’re missing the blueprint that shows you how to put everything together.
You’re missing the instructions. You’re missing the guidance. You’re missing what I’m offering.
Sure, you could try and put it all together yourself, but do you really want to leave something as valuable as your finances and future to chance?
Especially when you have me by your side, leading you every step of the way.
These phrases are like having me there with you, every time you try and make money.


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