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[Special Offer] Jason Capital – Mental Dominance

Name Product: Jason Capital – Mental Dominance
Market price: $697
Author: Jason Capital
Home sale: http://www.jasoncapitalpowerinfluence.com/MentalDominanceAccess.html

Have you ever gone into a deal or a
negotiation knowing success was INEVITABLE?
A situation you would (no doubt) DOMINATE?

THAT’S what I call “mental dominance.”
Mental Dominance is like having 60 different influence and persuasion playbooks, so that no matter what the situation, you come out smelling like a proverbial rose.Each one of these formulas takes full advantage of the 12 Agents of Influence you discover inside Power Influence…
… as well as many of the cognitive biases and thinking errors guys commonly fall prey to.

For instance:
One formula reveals “How to get anyone to do you a favor no matter what”…
Another template allows you to “Get anyone to say yes to your invitation”…
And yet another shows you “How to close lucrative, high-ticket consulting contracts”…

Plus 57 more…
As one of my Team Capital guys said…
“The Mental Dominance Course AMPLIFIES
Power Influence Principles and Strategies 100X”

Unstoppable Success
The Mental Dominance course totally complements Power Influence.
It’s like you now have the complete puzzle.
With Mental Dominance, you have at your command…
A winning, targeted persuasion formula for
ANY situation you may ever need!
Each backed by all the latest research, insightful stories and empirical evidence inside Power Influence.
Now when I was at the Miami Retreat, I invited guys in attendance to get a pre-release version of the Mental Dominance course.
Imagine, hundreds of guys in a packed Miami ballroom.
Then at one point, mysteriously almost a third of them gets out of their chairs…
…. storm to the back of the room…
…. pull out their credit cards…
… and pre-order a program worth at least $6000.
Incredibly they did this WITHOUT being pitched.
Without being “sold”.
Do you think that was a mere accident

PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $27.3 ($39)
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2 thoughts on “[Special Offer] Jason Capital – Mental Dominance

  1. Decky says:

    Does mental dominance come with the bonus ?

    1. Macbus87 says:

      Yes, it is full course and bonus!

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