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James Renouf and Jay Slomba – Ecom Licensing Exposed

Name Product: James Renouf and Jay Slomba – Ecom Licensing Exposed
Market price: $47
Author: James Renouf and Jay Slomba
Home sale: http://ecomlicensingexposed.com/

How You Can Finally Sell Fully Licensed
Products To People Around The World With
Absolutely ZERO Previous Experience
We Will Show You How To Harness The Power Of Mult-Million Dollar Brands With Just A Few Clicks

Inside, you’ll learn how to quickly & easily
sell products from big brand names including…
Star Trek
Game of Thrones
and soooo many more!

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That is a pretty impressive list of just some of the brand names that you can be licensing and selling their products in a matter of moments. Which do you think would be easier to sell right now? Pokemon or some knock off generic toy from China that looks like crap. When given the two options, real vs knockoff, the real brand name product wins every time.
eCommerce is hot. There is no doubt about that.
The problem is that most people don’t want to buy most products from Ali Express and no name products that are out there. It doesn’t mean that people can’t succeed doing that, it is just that it is much harder to do well.
The majority of information products out there are teaching the same old tired eCom methods. Free plus shipping offers for example, and selling products most people don’t want.

We don’t have to play the race to the bottom pricing game. We are selling quality and we charge quality prices for it. When you have items that people want you can charge more. It’s that simple.
We don’t play games. We get hot products and add an
ample mark up on them for extremely targeted audiences.
Here’s a small glimpse at some of our results…

We don’t have to carry inventory and don’t have the headaches most other people in the eCom space have.
The fact of the matter is that people want to buy brand names. They want to spend their money on what they know like and trust. That is why this process we are going to show you is so simple and lucrative.
One of the major reasons this works is because the big companies are doing all of the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to “convince” most people about what you are selling. When you do it right and you follow the process we lay down you are going after rabid fans of the given niche and they love what you are selling.
When you make ads like we do you get so many likes and shares. Your ads go viral. People don’t feel like they are being sold to. They are extremely passionate.
In turn your licensed products get bought. The licensing we teach you to do is not hard. You literally pick from the myriad of products and sell them.
It is not complicated once you know the system. It is a matter of pushing a few mouse clicks and you are ready to go.We sell all kinds of different merchandise for all kinds of evergreen niches along with what is hot at the moment.
We break it all down. How you can start this business in under 24 hours and be up and running. You can start with a $5 ad spend and scale up. We walk you through how to get the products, how to make your ad, how to pick your niche. The whole nine yards.
Are you tired of products that are just fluff that don’t actually get you results? We can say with certainty that with the simple step by step instructions you can have a real business that is evergreen.
This is not theory and this is not hype.

This is what we have been doing for some time on a daily basis. This is a case study and a step by step guide of what we successfully do. There is so much room for you to do the same.
This is not something that is going to go away tomorrow. People buy licensed goods all day long from all over the world and they have been doing it for years. You just have not been part of the selling side. You have been the buyer your whole life. Now it is time to flip the table!
The beautiful thing is that this works for the brand new person up to the pro. You can start with nothing other than the ability to follow some steps and the desire to win.
Will you promise us that you can follow directions
and start with a tiny $5 ad spend? If you can do that
then you can be on your way.

There are literally thousands of products out there that can be licensed. You want to have success online? It is real simple. Give people what they want.
What we do is go after hot items that people want and we make a mark up on it. We match up the people that are into the movie, or the singer, or the cartoon character or whatever niche it is, to the product we want to sell. It really is as simple as that.
The beautiful part about it is that other people out there are not licensing.
There is no real competition.
This is something that we are doing every day. Can you imagine yourself setting up a campaign at night and without talking to anyone, without making videos, without having to do all the stuff most people don’t like you wake up and there are sales. This is fun to say the least.

James Renouf and Jay Slomba – Ecom Licensing Exposed Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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