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Harlan Kilstein – Blog Curation

Name Product: Harlan Kilstein – Blog Curation
Market price: $2000
Author: Harlan Kilstein
Website Sale:http://www.blogcuration.com/order/

We’ve solved the problem of showing regular people how to build a profitable website.
This blog curation course teaches you how to identify a profitable online niche, and then create interesting and valuable articles that attract your best-paying customers, AND rank highly in all the search engines.
Discover how hundreds of pevaluable articles that attract your best-paying customers, AND rank highly in all the search engines.ople are creating successful online businesses by working hard for about one hour a day.
If you can write an email to a friend, you can now create your own profitable website.

What Is Curation?
Who Else Wants To Turn Old Worthless Websites Into Real Businesses?
If you’re like most folks trying to make money in Internet Marketing, you’ve purchased other products making bold promises before.  Terms like “your own 24 hour ATM” or “earn a full time living without doing any work” can still be seen in various guru offers.
I’m hoping by now you realize those promises aren’t real.  The gurus have been using them for years not caring that thousands of people are getting hurt in the process.
Just recently, a woman contacted me after purchasing a “done for you” website from a big Internet marketing guru.  She spent $2000 on the promise that she would make money with this website.  This same website was sold to dozens of other people.  None of them made a dime.

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Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]


The Internet Has Changed
Techniques that worked in the past don’t work today.  Google has taken steps to restore confidence in the Internet by forcing websites to include real content.  And they are taking steps to remove websites that steal or scrape content or use any of the various “Black Hat” techniques.

It’s Not A Mystery
Google has made it clear exactly what it’s looking for: content that is: relevant, fresh, and original.
So to make Google happy, you need to supply a lot of content.  This could be quite difficult to deliver on a regular basis except for something more and more people are discovering.  Google loves curated sites and so do readers.
And not only do readers love curated sites, so does Wall Street.  Just ask Ariana Huffington who recently sold her site – The Huffington Post – to AOL for $315 million dollars.  (Plus she gets paid four million dollars a year to run the site for them!)  Wall Street is actively looking to invest in curated sites.

Curation Gets Google’s Attention
Your sites rise in the rankings because you are giving Google exactly what it wants.
And here’s the really important part – if you take your old worthless site and turn it into a curated site, it will rise to the top faster than holding a ping pong ball under the water and letting it go!

I’ve Got Lots of These Worthless Sites Too!
I started a website in 2003 and it did well for a while.  But then the Internet changed and changed again.
I tried Serializing it?  Google slapped it.
I tried AdWords but the costs got too high.
Today, the site is COSTING me money instead of MAKING me money.  Until I made the decision to take the site and transform it.
And in one day take it from old internet antique to up and coming challenger.  And I invite you to watch what I did exactly on this Webinar.
You may want to have a note pad ready or jot things down in a Word Processor because there’s lots of content in this Webinar.
And if you are interested in getting involved in Blog Curation, check out http://blogcuration.com/order
There are a variety of programs to fit every budget.
But first, watch the webinar and be convinced.

Harlan Kilstein – Blog Curation Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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