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Greg Davis – 6 Figure Mobile Campaign Challenge

Name Product: Greg Davis – 6 Figure Mobile Campaign Challenge
Market price: $997
Author: Greg Davis
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6 Figure Mobile Campaign Challenge
Live Case Study
3 Weekly Online Trainings
Real campaign from A – Z
See the entire campaign
Case studies
Real time, real money

Follow along
Use my mobile campaign blueprint to create your own.
Get your campaign questions answered
Build your own 6-figure campaign

Bonus #1 Greg’s Genius Game Presell Lander
Games are some of the hottest offers
Tons of traffic available
Works for any genre
So simple a caveman can do it.
Bonus #2 – Affiliate Millionaires Million Dollar Image Training
Bonus # 3 – 5 Mobile Campaign Blueprints
Sample ads, landers, targeting, entire affiliate funnel
A place to start
SDI and Build your own 6-figure campaign
Bonus #4 – Greg’s Guide to New Facebook and Google Accounts

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