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Fabricio Cruz – 6 Figure Secrets Club : How i make $1,008,171 per year

Name Product: Fabricio Cruz – 6 Figure Secrets Club : How i make $1,008,171 per year
Market price: $997
Author: Fabricio Cruz
Home sale: http://6figuresecretsclub.com/

 ATTENTION: Experienced & Brand New Internet Marketers…
“You’re About to Discover The Secrets That Have Allowed Me to Pull In Over $1,008,171 per year Online…”
“… And How You Can Put the Same Secrets To Work IMMEDIATELY To Start Earning Hundreds (or Even Thousands) of Dollars Daily… Even if You’re 86 Yrs Old and an Internet Newbie!

Date: July 31, 2016
Dear Friend,
I know you are busy so I’m going to keep this short and sweet and get right to the point…
I don’t care what the state of the economy is. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how much experience you have. If you’re reading this letter, you’ve already proven that you have what it takes to make money online.
Can you follow simply step-by-step directions?
If you said yes… keep reading below…
We have put together what is without question our best, most complete product for taking someone from where they are to earning significant money on the internet.
Introducing the “6 Figure Secrets Club”…

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Why is this program my best, most complete, top notch product that we have ever offered?
“We Have Designed A Complete A-Z, Step By Step, Mentoring Program… Where We Give You A Proven System, Take You By The Hand, Guide You Down the Path, and Deliver You Into The World Of Making Real Money On The Internet!”
Here’s what’s included in the “Six Figure Protégés VIP Mentoring Program”…
Week 1:
Mindset Preparation – With the wrong mindset, it does not matter how good your blueprint or strategy is, you will fail.
Niche Selection – We will reveal our strategy for finding niches packed full of buying customers. Select the wrong niche, and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.
Keyword Selection – How do you know what keywords your customers use when looking for your type of information? We’ll show you.
Using CPA (Cost Per Action) programs like you’ve never seen before.
Affiliate Programs – How to select the hottest selling products that people are already spending their hard earned money on and how to get your piece of the pie.

Week 2:
Squeeze Pages – These squeeze pages will be sucking out your prospects information and building you a fat list of prospects and cash spending buyers. When used properly, you can literally print money on demand by promoting offers to your list.
Email Marketing – How to develop trust with your prospects and deliver just the right mix of sales pitches vs. premium content that will have them grabbing their credit cards and gobble up anything you promote.
Advanced CPA Strategies – How to monetize your traffic even if your prospects don’t buy from you. It’s a fact, at least 95% of the people that visit your site will never buy from you, here’s how to capitalize on that.

Week 3:
Traffic – Free traffic strategies that you’ve never heard of, as well as the mindset of free vs. paid traffic. You think free traffic is “free”?
Joint Ventures – Most people think competition is bad. We’ll show you the reasons why we absolutely LOVE competition and how to use them to your advantage. When your done with this part, you will welcome the competition with open arms.
Article Marketing – How to write articles that both search engines and real humans will love. Do you hate writing articles? We do too. We’ll show you our secret way of getting an article written by a qualified writer for as little as $6 each!
Video Marketing – A couple years back, Google purchased YouTube for over a billion dollars. Does that say anything about the future of video marketing? It sure does, it’s here to stay! We’ll show you how to make videos to drive qualified buyers to your site and even sell high ticket items for you.
Viral Traffic – Do you know what the BEST type of traffic is? Word of mouth traffic. That’s exactly what viral traffic is, and we’ll show you how to capitalize on it, creating content that people will want to pass along without expecting any compensation whatsoever.
Many More Traffic Strategies – I don’t have the time to go into everything on this site, but trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Week 4:
Advanced Paid Traffic Strategies – How to get the most out of Google AdWords, the internet’s #1 paid traffic resource, and flooding your site with server melting traffic.
Setting Up Your AdWords Campaign – The first key to success with AdWords is to get your campaign set up properly. If you set it up wrong, you might as well take your money and light it on fire.
The “Scale Up” Strategy – When you have a converting winner, you will want to scale it up, right?
Conversion Tracking – If you’re not tracking your conversions, you’re bound to fail. Decide now before you run one single ad that you will track the conversions, or you might not be quitting your day job anytime soon.
Writing Effective Ads – We’ll give you some ideas on how to word your ads so they attract more attention, create desire and provoke a positive response from your potential cash spending customers.
CTR (Click Thru Ratio) Tips – How to get your ads to stand out and get high CTR, thus lowering your cost per click, and bringing you even more traffic!
Quality Score Tricks – Simple yet effective techniques that we use to get only the excellent quality scores. If you’re not doing this, you’re going to pay up the you know what for clicks!
Split Testing – Here’s another biggie, if you’re not doing this, shut down your campaigns immediately. Quit leaving money on the table and start increasing your conversions daily.
Negative Keywords – If you’re asking “what are negative keywords?” forget it. You’re either not serious or you need to get serious.
Content Network – How to leverage millions of sites all over the world and their traffic. Once you have your offer and site converting, unleash it to the rest of the internet with more traffic than any one person could ever buy in a day.
Placement Targeting – How would you like to rank in the top 10 in Google in the next 15 minutes? With placement targeting you can, and we’ll show you how.
Troubleshooting – If you follow our lead, chances are you won’t need this, but just incase… we’ve got you covered. If anything goes wrong we’ve got some quick tips and suggestions to get you back on the money making track.

Week 5:
Social Proof – What’s the #1 reason that people won’t buy from you? It’s not what you think.
Urgency – understand the power of urgency and use it properly, unlike 99% of the sites online today.
Finding Your Angle – How to properly address the problem to have your customers whip out their credit cards faster than your merchant account can process them…
Your Offer – Make your offer so irresistible, you’ll feel like you are literally sticking your hand in their wallet, pulling out their credit card, and entering in for them.
Conversion Secrets – How to say the right things and the right time that will have you moving your customers to taking action – as if you were playing them like a puppet.
Psychology – Tap into your customer’s psychological mindset with laser precision.
Advanced Copywriting Keys – Your sales message must have the proper flow, otherwise it will confuse your customers. If you don’t like to write copy, we’ll show you how to get amazing copy written for less than you think.
Headlines – Your only have a couple seconds (if that) to capture the attention of your prospects once they land on your site. We’ll show you our headline “cheat sheet” that will have you cranking out profit pulling headlines in no time!

Week 6:
Membership Sites – Here’s where we cover membership sites, continuity programs and so much more. How do the big time marketers make 5 or 6 figures a month, month after month? Here’s how…
Continuity – How to properly position your continuity program for maximum results. Think force continuity is the way to go?
Product Creation – We’ll teach you how to create your own product once you find a winning market. Some of our best selling items (which have sold millions) we didn’t even write! We’ll show you how to do the same…
Market Experts – How to approach market experts that will give you content for FREE that you can sell to your customers over and over again. We’ll give you the “magic template” that we use to approach these big time experts, works like charm! This will lend you the credibility you need in the marketplace (hint: think guilt by association… but in a good way).
Upsell Offers – How to properly craft and word your upsell. As many as 30% of your customers will buy from you IMMEDIATELY after purchase. Not having an upsell you are leaving untold amounts of money on the table.
Price Points – What are the price points that your customers going to be more responsive to?

Week 7:
Residual Income Generation – Strategies and step by step instructions on how to get into residual income ASAP!
Even More Revenue Models – We leave no stone unturned, if there is a way to monetize your traffic to the max, we’ll show you here…
Top Secret – Fabricio’s Step-By-Step Blueprint Master Plan for Earning Six Figures From Home, and Crushing Your Boss Forever! Here, we show you how to turn $0.50 into $1.00… OVER and OVER again.

Week 8:
Overview – Here’s where we wrap it all up, bringing everything you’ve learned up to this point all together.
Loss Leaders Explained – We explain how you can even lose money on the front end, and still MASSIVELY profit… we’ll show you how!
The Ultimate Business Model – We’ll show you how this business model can sustain a passive monthly income of as high as $200,000! If it could sustain a monthly income of $200,000, do you think it could help you make at least $5,000 a month? How about $10,000 a month?

Fabricio Cruz – 6 Figure Secrets Club : How i make $1,008,171 per year Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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