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Ezra Firestone – eCommerce Marketing Mastery 2016

Name Product: Ezra Firestone – eCommerce Marketing Mastery 2016
Market price: $497
Author: Ezra Firestone
Home sale: http://www.digitalmarketer.com/lp/ecommerce-marketing-mastery

Ecommerce Marketing Masterclass & Certification program.
This program will teach you absolutely everything you need to optimize any ecommerce store to generate more sales & profit.
You’ll know how to optimize an ecommerce website, how to generate ecommerce traffic, how to write ecommerce emails, and much more.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:
How to build excitement while reducing buyer’s remorse and refund rates with a solid pre-arrival email sequence
How to structure your shopping cart & checkout pages to minimize cart abandonment and maximize revenue
The 12 most critical features to look for when choosing a help desk that will help ensure you are giving your customers a positive & memorable experience
Our top 5 tips for writing highly profitable ecommerce emails (hint: use images to sell the click)
The 8 components of our “Core Store Architecture,” and why every ecommerce business NEEDS to have these 8 things on their website

The #1 mistake to AVOID when writing product descriptions, and the top 7 product description best practices that will help make your products more compelling & desirable to visitors
How the proper use of a single ecommerce widget can create an immediate 12-25% increase in your average order value
Exactly what to put on your “About Us” page to foster trust and start building a strong connection with your visitors
How to increase sales with the strategic use of product videos (hint: shoppers who view a product video are 174% more likely to purchase)
The 11 specific things you should put in your website header, and why you should employ a “double header” to ensure a seamless user experience
What the “Firestone Footer” is, and how to use this credibility-boosting format to encourage visitors to consume the message of your brand
How to structure your category pages to maximize your conversion rates (hint: this layout is different for category pages with few products vs. those with many products)
Why product description pages are the #1 most important pages on your website, and the 12 winning elements you must include on EVERY product page to maximize conversions
The 9 features your reviews widget needs to have, and the #1 best reviews widget we recommend to all ecommerce businesses
What a “discount ladder” is, and how to use this properly in your email sequences to maximize sales & revenue…while keeping your average order value as high as possible
The 3 specific videos you need to create, along with what to say in them and where to put them on your website
What “smart automation” is, how to use it, and why this is an essential feature for ecommerce stores
How to create a highly effective cart abandonment email sequence that convinces cart abandoners to return and complete their purchase
The 3 critical elements you need to create a compelling brand persona and story that resonates with today’s shoppers
What a “win-back campaign” is, and how to use them to increase return visits & repeat purchases
How to create package inserts that increase product consumption and encourage better customer satisfaction
Why it’s absolutely critical to have a prominent search bar in your website, and how to analyze your website search data to improve your product offerings (did you know that 30% of ecommerce revenue comes from the 5% of visitors who use your search bar?)
Which ecommerce platform you should be using, and how to decide when (and if) it’s a good idea to re-platform
The exact structure of a winning ecommerce homepage, plus 7 homepage best practices you should follow to encourage visitors to stay on your site (hint: homepages rich with content win in today’s ecommerce landscape)
The secret of our 4-step content amplification process that builds a strong relationship with your community and gets people coming back to your website on a regular basis
How to collect & leverage conversion assets (like customer pictures, video reviews, and other forms of social proof) you can use to increase conversion rates on your website

The opportunity in ecommerce is huge and getting bigger everyday.
But with big profit potential…comes big competition.
No one can afford to figure this stuff out by trial and error.
To succeed in this market, you need a repeatable, consistent, and effective SYSTEM to drive ecommerce profits.
One that works over and over, across all industries. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for the Ecommerce Masterclass.

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