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Elviira Krebber – FB Traffic Ninja Pro

Name Product: Elviira Krebber – FB Traffic Ninja Pro
Market price: $37
Author: Elviira Krebber
Website Sale:http://www.fbtrafficninja.com

“If You Are Driving Traffic to Your Website and Try to Get Likes to Your Facebook Page… Then This Will Be the Most Interesting Letter You Will Ever Read… Because I’ll Show You Exactly How to Get Close to FREE Traffic and Dirt Cheap Page Likes”

Hundreds of THOUSANDS of FB likes average $0.01 or even LESS?
Gigantic amount of HUNGRY, targeted traffic $0.00 per website click?
Reach several MILLIONS of people with your FB posts?
FB ad CTR close to 54%?
Over 500% ROI with just a couple of clicks?
Outstandingly laser-targeted traffic with RetargetRazor?
Just keep reading and I’ll show you MORE results that will blow your mind!

The course consists of four very detailed modules that guide you through the whole process:

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Module 1
The first module gives you some basic information about FB and FB ads. I will also tell why FB page likes are important and how you can get likes to your FB page. And related to that, I tell you why you should start loving FB ads and advertising on FB, when done right (i.e. paying just a very minimal amount of money). The most important part of this module handles photos and their importance in the FB environment. With all that noise on FB, I tell you what kind of photos you should use to stand out of the crowd. The last section of the module is about helping you decide about goals with FB and also third party websites.

Module 2
This is the most essential part of this video course. Here you learn the whole FB Traffic Ninja method for creating dirt cheap likes and clicks. First, I tell you about my experiences and results with this method I’ve developed. I also reveal the whole method and talk about it first in a nutshell. In the following sections I will go through all parts of the method, one by one, giving you guidance and clear instructions how you can build similar, as successful FB ads. There are three different parts in this method, and I will give you very detailed instructions for each of those parts. Don’t worry, that’s not complicated at all! And even if you haven’t ever done any FB advertising, I show you first with screen captures and then with videos how to create successful FB ads for cheap likes and cheap website clicks. So, even this is a long module and there is lots of information to digest, I will make it as simple and clear as I can. Just follow what I do and you cannot fail!

Module 3
Now we are getting into the business! This is what you have been waiting for! Here, in this module, I give you some excellent ways to monetize the heck out of the cheap likes and clicks that you have created with the FB Traffic Ninja method. I tell you about my experiences and my best ways to monetize the cheap traffic and cheap likes. Please feel free to invent some new ways, these are just the techniques that I personally use. And remember: Just start small, and immediately scale up when you start making profit. That should happen from the day one when you start applying this method. Happy monetizing!

In this module, we’ll discover the amazing possibilities of the FB Traffic Ninja when combined with RetargetRazor! We have made it easy to you: just watch the step-by-step videos, steal the method and laser-target your ads like never before! Amazement guaranteed!

Elviira Krebber – FB Traffic Ninja Pro Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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