Edward De Bono – Effective Thinking & CoRT Thinking

Edward De Bono - Effective Thinking & CoRT Thinking

Name Product: Edward De Bono – Effective Thinking & CoRT Thinking
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Author: Edward De Bono
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A course designed to change the way you think.
3 Modules
The first module covers de Bono’s thinking Tools, then module 2 considers various thinking situations before going on to explore creativity and lateral thinking in module 3.

36 Hour Course
On average the course takes 36 hours to complete. If you do a lesson a day it will take you 24 days, or a lesson every week will take you 24 weeks.

219 Thinking Exercises
Dr de Bono’s thinking exercises will train your brain in the thinking tools and creativity techniques. Challenging you to make the changes needed for you to achieve better thinking outcomes.

Online eLearning
Study whenever you want, wherever you want. Our course is available 24 hours a day. Giving you the time to really engage and reflect on the learning.

de Bono Certified
Your thinking exercises will be assessed by your tutor and if you make the grade you will awarded the de Bono Effective Thinker certification.

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