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DS Domination 2 – Shopify Domination

Name Product: DS Domination 2 – Shopify Domination
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This is the DSDomination 2.0 UK and Espanol team page which introduces you to our drop shipping programme that teaches you how to become a successful eBay seller. DS Domination 2.0 is the new updated version of DS Domination…exactly the same business, but better!

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DS Domination 2 – Shopify Domination Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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It doesn’t matter if you are a complete eBay novice. We will show you how to set up an eBay account and help you to start selling. If you are already an experienced seller we’ll help you to improve your sales!
Have you heard of Amazon and eBay? Of course you have. Now would you like to find out how lots of people in the UK are earning a good income by utilising these two huge online retailers?
Join DSDomination 2.0 UK here for our special offers and we shall show you how to be a successful eBay seller. Our step-by-step training modules have been devised by someone who has been a top eBay seller for over ten years.
Furthermore, if you join via this page I shall email you step-by-step instructions on how to easily find items to sell. A method which I personally use with great success.

DS Domination Spain – DS Domination Espana
Our business opportunity is easily workable for British expats in Spain, and for Spanish people we have now updated our system into Spanish/Espanol. You can switch from English to Espanol at the click of a mouse!

What is Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping is a retailing method whereby you sell products then order them from a supplier therefore you do not pay for them until they are sold. The supplier sends them directly to your customer so you do not hold any stock. This means that the risks normally associated with online selling are virtually eliminated. DSDomination 2.0 UK shows you how to do this by using eBay as the selling platform and Amazon as the supplier.

Does DS Domination Work?
I’m Paul, team leader for DS Domination 2.0 UK. I knew nothing about dropshipping and hadn’t ever sold on eBay before I joined the “old” DSDomination UK in March 2014. I simply followed the training modules and by working a couple of hours per day had my first sale within a week. My sales volume increased each month and in November 2014 I reached gold power seller status!
Screenshots of my eBay account…

DS Domination 2.0 UK Home Business Opportunity Summary
1. DSDomination 2.0 UK involves working directly with Amazon and eBay two of the biggest shopping sites in the world. This makes it virtually risk free and instils confidence in people as they are so well known and financially sound.
2. The DSDomination 2.0 UK basic PRO programme is inexpensive. The starting cost is $19.95 (approx. £12) per month and offers you all the training, software and tools to become a successful eBay seller. When you register we ask you for your first payment of $19.95 (approx. £12). We would like to emphasise that you will not be tied to any form of contract and therefore you can cancel at any time.
3. The DS Domination 2.0 UK home business opportunity is done entirely online using very basic computer skills. Unlike most other business opportunities there involves no selling to family and friends, buying products for your own use, or walking the streets delivering catalogues. Furthermore, you do not have to recruit people to earn money.
4. You can run your business full or part-time working flexible hours to suit you – this home business fits easily around your family commitments.
5. You are selling via the dropshipping method therefore you do not pay for any goods until they have been sold and you do not hold any stock. This makes online selling as risk free as possible.
6. Prices are in US dollars because DSDomination 2.0 is primarily based in the US. For people here in the UK they are converted to pounds sterling on your card.
7. You enter our basic PRO programme when you join. You then have the option to upgrade to higher training levels if you so wish. The next level after DS Domination PRO is DS Domination ELITE which gives you more suppliers, more advanced training & software and potentially bigger profits. However, we advise people to gain the necessary experience with PRO before upgrading.

As an added bonus click here to receive 2% cashback on all your Amazon purchases. Plus cashback from over 1200 other retailers, online and on the High Street. It’s free to join and you don’t have to be a DS Domination member!
DS Domination 2.0 UK – the Affiliate Programme
You are under absolutely no obligation to do so but if you eventually decide to sponsor people and earn a residual income you can join the DSDomination 2.0 UK Affiliate Programme. This costs $9.95 (approx. £6.00) per month and pays down to ten levels. You receive 50% commission on the monthly subscriptions of people whom you directly sponsor which means that you only need to introduce three people to cover your own monthly subscription fees (PRO and Affiliate).
To view our DS Domination 2.0 UK team video, and to sign up to DSDomination 2, please click on the links below. The “GET STARTED NOW” button will appear approximately 30 seconds into the video. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
We respect your email privacy.
You can also connect on Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the page.

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