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Drew Laughlin – Marketing Consultant – Client Getting Plan

Name Product: Drew Laughlin – Marketing Consultant – Client Getting Plan  
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Author: Drew Laughlin
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How to Get All the Clients You Can Handle Without Cold Calling or Spending a Dime on Marketing!
Proven 7-Step System Can Get You Clients in 30-Days or Less

Step-by-Step System
Easy to Understand
Easy to Implement
No Expenses
Builds Credibility
Works Fast

It’s No Secret: Finding Clients as a Consultant, Solo-preneur or Independent Professional is Not Easy… Until Now!

One of the Biggest Frustrations I Hear Constantly is,
“Drew, I really want to make it but I just don’t have enough clients.”
Hey I get it. I too struggled to get clients on a consistent basis. Been there and done that. But that was then and this is now.

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Being a solo-preneur for over a decade now – and running other side businesses for over 20 years – I’ve tried hundreds of different ways to bring in clients. Some worked but most were a train wreck.
Until I discovered the secrets inside the Client Getting P.L.A.N. Now I – and all my clients – have a proven system we can use whenever we need more clients. We can turn it on or off just like a faucet. Let’s call it a “Profit Faucet” if you will.
There is nothing else like this system to help you get as many clients as you can possible handle. It’s like a client magnet!

When I Started I Made Huge Mistakes.
Then I Kept Doing Them!
While I pride myself on not being a moron I can’t always say the things I’ve done were the smartest.
For example, when I started I had no idea what I was doing. So I thought, “Just do what everyone else is doing and you’ll be fine.”

Why? Because everyone was doing it wrong! They were marketing themselves with a bunch of generic platitudes, sending out mailers that had no meaning, no uniqueness and no call to action. It seemed like everyone was copying everyone else but no one knew how to do it right.
So I started studying marketing, public speaking and sales. Then after awhile I discovered something that change my life forever. I discovered three simple things that started attracting clients like a mutha’!
And then I discovered a system that helped me achieve these three things very easily!!
The three things are…

The “P.L.A.N” stands for:

In short, the secret sauce of the Client Getting P.L.A.N. is all about giving a problem-solution focused Presentation over Lunch – commonly known as a Lunch and Learn (L&L) – in front of a targeted Audience where you Network with the attendees after the presentation is over to build relationships and close deals.
While this model is simple to understand there are key success factors that make it work like a faucet you can turn on and off whenever you need more clients.

For example:
You can’t just give any kind of presentation. You can only give client focused presentations, NOT something that’s focused on you.
Why lunch? Because its proven to be a perfect time to get decision makers out of their office and attend something useful.
Who gets the audience? Not you! It’s left to someone else. That’s the beauty of this entire system. You’ll leverage someone else who already has your ENTIRE target market as their customer base but they aren’t your competitor!
During the networking phase you won’t be just some lame person doing the same lame networking stuff. You’ll be viewed as the expert authority on a topic your audience needs help with. They’ll come to you!

The Client Getting P.L.A.N. gives consultants, solo-preneurs, independent professionals – in fact, anyone who serves small to medium sized businesses – a powerful step-by-step blueprint to generate new leads and customers in a systematic way. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn inside the training…

Why 20-40 minute Lunch and Learn (L&L) presentations are they best way to get in front of your target audience and convert more to paying customers
What topic(s) you should cover for best results
How to structure your L&L so you keep their attention and have them beggin to talk to you afterwards
How to have the ultimate 3rd party do all the marketing and actually pay for lunch
Who to talk to and what to say to get them to agree to do all the marketing and pay for lunch
What NOT to include in your L&L. If you include this then you’ll be viewed as a self-centered moron who doesn’t care about their customers
How to easily overcome any fear you might have about public speaking
Practice your L&L our secret way to build unstoppable confidence
How to quickly and easily customize your L&L for different audiences
What do to BEFORE your L&L. If you don’t do this one thing, you might as well quit now
How to convey your message with confidence
How to close more deals than you’ll know what to do with
How and when to convert your L&L to a webinar and what steps you need to take so you don’t blow it
Plus much more!

7-Module Online Training Course
The entire Client Getting P.L.A.N. training course is made up of 7 step-by-step modules. These modules take you through the entire process from starting at nothing all the way to getting clients.
This is a video training course and is available online. You can watch the videos on any mobile device. And as a bonus we offer the videos in downloadable mp4 and mp3 formats too.

Question and Answer Sessions
Going through the CGP training course many students have questions. We want to make sure that we get all your questions answered. That’s why we’ve included a series of Q&A videos for you to review as you go through the course.
But that’s not all. If you have additional questions that are not answered in the Q&A videos we ask that you submit them as we will continue to make these Q&A vids.

Checklists, Templates, Swipes and Scripts
What would a course be without tools to help you succeed? A sucky one! Well, we don’t want to suck so we’ve included so many checklists, templates, swipes and scripts that you’ll always have a head start when its time to taking action.
These tools are simple to use and fall directly in-line with the video training content. Follow the steps and use the tools and you’ll be well on your way to getting more clients.

Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook
It’s proven that one of the best ways to learn something and to retain it quicker and for a longer period of time is by using a fill-in-the-blank (FIB) workbook.
You can easily print out your FIB workbook and fill it in as you go through the training. Or you can order the official workbook from Amazon and get a printed copy sent to you in a few days.

Course Bonuses
As with all great courses we offer some killer bonuses. All of which are listed down the page a bit. But I wanted to mention it here because these aren’t “filler” bonuses used just to say “you get bonuses”.
These are well thought out and very beneficial bonuses. In fact, one of the bonuses is a complete sales training course that currently sells for $197.00 all on its own!

7 Modules of Power Packed Content Plus Q&A Sessions

Module One
Step 1: Create Your Lists
There are some very important lists you need to create before you do anything. We cover what these lists are, how to create them and why they are so important.
In this module you’ll also receive your workbook, checklist and spreadsheet to help you get through this step quickly.

Module Two
Step 2: Contact Your List
This step is critical because its all about getting your first couple L&Ls scheduled. But you can’t do it flying by the seat of your pants. You need a plan. This lesson will take you through that plan.
In this module you’ll also receive scripts, cheat-sheet and a worksheet to create your all important “Unique Sales Message” aka your USM.

Module Three
Step 3: Create Your Presentation
Time to create your first lunch and learn presentation. This training session will show you all the ins and outs and things you must do to create a powerful L&L presentation.
In this module you’ll also download a L&L PowerPoint Template.

Module Four
Step 4: Customize, Practice and Prepare
Follow these steps to customize your presentation for each one you have scheduled. It only take a few minutes. And practicing your presentation is how you grow your confidence. And being a high performing public speaker is all about confidence. Lastly, we’ll also talk about how to prepare for your first L&L.
In this module you’ll also receive your presentation checklist.

Module Five
Step 5: Confirm and Commit
Confirm your presentations and gain commitment from not only your bank contact but yourself! This is one of the most important lessons when it comes to ultimately succeeding with CGP.
In this module you’ll also receive a confirmation calling script.

Module Six
Step 6: Convey Your Message and Close Deals
Now is the time to convey your message by using strategies and methods of the best public speakers. At the end of your presentation you’ll have people lined up to work with you.

Module Seven
Step 7: Convert to Webinar
Nothing replaces the effectiveness of live presentations. However, sometimes you may want to scale your business in a way that live presentations can’t. Or you may not want to do as many live presentations as you once did. In these scenarios, webinars are a great solution.

Q&A Sessions
Another resource to help you get the most out of this program is our Question and Answer series of videos. We will go through student questions and answer them. You will always have these Q&A videos only a click away. And we will add more as time goes on.

Drew Laughlin – Marketing Consultant – Client Getting Plan Contains: Videos, PDF´s
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