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Detox Demystified – Heavy Metals Summit (2018)

Heavy Metals Summit (2018) - Detox Demystified1
Detox Demystified – Heavy Metals Summit (2018)  
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Heavy metals are interfering with your life. Learn how to overcome their influence and reclaim your health! Our patients have found relief through our innovative and individualized protocols to reduce the burden of heavy metals. We’re here to help you, too.
Toxins are everywhere. They are in our food, water, air, even our household goods…and they’re destroying health. The connection between toxins and disease is now undisputed, but it’s still being ignored by the conventional medical community. Fortunately, you can protect and heal yourself from these toxic metals!
The Heavy Metals Summit?
– Tired of being exhausted, brain fogged, slightly depressed (or worse!)
– Learn about the toxins lurking in our air, water, food and products
– Discover why conventional medicine does NOT address heavy metal toxicity
– Get action steps you can take to detox and heal
– And so much more!

Here’s why most people purchase these expert talks:
– Support our mission to deliver this information to those who need it most
– Missed talks they simply can’t bear missing
– Want to retain and rewatch this life-changing information
– Prefer reading transcripts or listening to audios
– Want to share this info with friends, family and health professionals
– Gain access to bonus eGuides, eBooks and discounts from experts

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Heavy Metals Summit (2018) – Detox Demystified Contains: Videos, PDF´s, Template


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