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List-A-Palooza: How To get your first 500-1000 Email Subscribers (without spending years creating content or zillions of dollars)
LAP is a new addition to David Garland’s popular “Create Awesome Online Courses program” (CAOC) (Summer enrollment: 22 Jun – 25 Jun)
What is LAP? – extracted from salesletter
If you don’t have an email list (or a very small one you are looking to grow) List-A-Palooza is an epic “bigger than a bonus” FULL training to walk you through exactly how to start an email list from scratch (or add more folks to your email list) without wasting time and money (so many common mistakes out there).

List of Contents
In List-A-Palooza you will get access to training videos, downloads, slides etc. (Video, MP3, PDF for each chapter)
1. An Intro To List-A-Palooza and List-Building Myths
2. How To Create A High-Converting Opt-In Page (And What To Give Away)
3. The Principles For Getting Traffic (And Your First Traffic-Getting Strategy!)
4. Traffic Strategy: A Secret LinkedIn Strategy with David Newman
5. Traffic Strategy: Facebook Giveaways with Renae Christine
6. Traffic Strategy: Epic Guest Posts and The Testimonial Method with Nick Stephenson
7. Traffic Strategy: Facebook Ads with Bryan Kesler
8. Traffic Strategy: Organic Social Media with Elise and Scott Grice
9. How To Build Amazing Relationships With The People On Your Email List

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