Dan Kennedy – Advanced Coaching & Consulting Bootcamp

Name Product: Dan Kennedy – Advanced Coaching & Consulting Bootcamp
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Advanced Consulting / Coaching Boot Camp
From Dan S. Kennedy: 92 people paid $11,800 to attend this event live. Now you can steal Dan’s best stuff with this full unedited, uncut recording as Dan peels back layer by layer his exact methods, giving you an inside look and drive home more income than you ever thought possible.

Reveal the most advanced techniques Dan Kennedy knows to getting clients and high fees with no resistance. Designed for the experienced consultant or coach or the entrepreneur engaged in selling at high fees, you’ll be handed Dan’s secret playbook which exposes how he has remained booked solid for decades as one of the highest paid consultants on the planet.
Add zeros to your bottom line in record time
Pulverize client barriers to create permanent client relationships
Get paid more while working less

Non-traditional and Hidden Client Attraction and Retention Methods
Quickly and easily attract corporate and entrepreneurial clients, have them beg you to accept them as clients, and pay you fees that will shock you. Discover Dan’s highly coveted art and science of promoting yourself, magnetically attracting clients, keep clients coming back for more and create permanent client relationships.

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