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[Special Offer] Dan Kennedy – Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy

Dan Kennedy – Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy
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Author: Dan Kennedy
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With Special Evening Guest
President, High Point University
on Boards of Directors of
Great Harvest Bread Co., La-Z-Boy Furniture
And BB&T Bank
Architecture & Strategies
Insights from 40+ Years of Intimate Work With Hundreds of
Built-From-Scratch Multi-Million to Billion Dollar Businesses
& Start-Up, Built, Sale Of & Investing In Companies
Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedy
Quick preface: this letter violates a rule of selling: it contains a lot of teaching. Overt, declared, pointed to information
and revealed methods as well as hidden between the lines, to be discerned lessons. For the astute, there is a real value
exchange here. Your time and your consideration of this opportunity is not requested or taken without direct compensation;
that compensation is here in outright revelatory information about the subject at hand, and in demonstrated methods of
presentation and persuasion. YOU NEED TO BE A LITTLE PATIENT WITH THIS LETTER. It is long. It is not crafted as an
accelerating adrenalin rush, as emotionally driven sales pitches usually are – instead it is thoughtful, and asks that of you, its
reader. Treating this as a provocative and potentially profitable document in and of itself will reward you.
Dear Friend,
• What, exactly, is Advanced Business Development? (Do YOU need it?)
• And what is the Advanced Business Development SECRETS Academy?
Let me first quickly say what it is NOT:
It is NOT more of the same on marketing, nor is it confined to ‘marketing’ at all. It is NOT
simply about making more money. It is NOT elementary or easy to understand or apply. It is NOT
common knowledge.
“Development” is NOT just growth – which is the way ordinary business owners think about their
businesses, narrowly, more new customers, more sales, bigger. Development incorporates growth and
expansion and diversification and synergy and maturation and maximum profits now and maximum
equity value in the future. Keep in mind, you are pressured day to day to think just about Growth. More
customers, more sales, more revenue. Getting out of that day-to-day, and going to an entirely different,
safe, stimulating place to think bigger, broader, more patiently, more thoroughly about your business
can, itself, yield big dividends. But the right guided thinking experience can literally be worth millions
and birth breakthroughs!
DEVELOPMENT has you holding your business up and looking at it from more directions than
most ordinarily do, and looking out from your business in more directions than most do. This Academy
is your only opportunity to do this with me.
A ‘scotoma’ is a chronic blind spot. A blind spot in an otherwise normal field of
vision. Most business owners have them, the “disease effect” of working in and on a
particular business, in its field, narrow focused and narrow experienced. Dr. Kramer
noted that an object as small as a penny held close enough to the eye can block out the
entire world around you and the sun above. Many years after the end of WW II, a lone
Japanese soldier was discovered in a jungle on a Pacific island, still in uniform, gun in hand, endlessly
patrolling. Trapped on that island, inside that jungle, he had no idea the war was over! It is easy to be
trapped on your island, inside your dense jungle. Of course, you are heads ‘n shoulders better than
most. You get a lot of diverse exposure as a GKIC, and you are otherwise a “Curious George” – but still,
it is easy to develop scotomas you just don’t realize are there!
In my youth, working in graphic arts, we took typeset onto photo-paper into a darkroom,
submerged it in chemicals in trays, and the invisible type and images appeared and darkened to crystal
clear clarity. Similarly, business development is, in part, about (1): seeing concealed opportunities.
This is the most common thing I hear from clients after private consulting days: “I came thinking I was
in business “a” and left in businesses “a” + “b” + “c” + “d”…or left in an entirely different business”.
That’s the power of very experienced, fresh eyes: where you see a wall, I see a hidden door and
concealed passage to new treasure.
I accomplish this routinely and frequently for clients. I also often find myself preventing
mistakes that would PROHIBIT huge profits. Recently, in one consulting day with a client who wisely
sought my input before launching a franchise-type expansion of his million dollar income, single
location business I STOPPED HIM from three mistakes he had no recognition of, almost certain to
later keep several million dollars a year from flowing to him, easily and automatically. (I’ll show
you the biggest of these as an example at the Academy.) It was well worth his $19,400.00 fee for the
day just for this 40-minute discussion. But the
“nature of the thinking” behind this specific set of
recommendations is even more valuable than any
isolated recommendation, and I will give you The
Gold Keys to that thinking of mine, that I bring to
every situation.
A system for frequently, constantly
hunting for and identifying concealed
opportunity is invaluable. I have one. I’ll
share it. Including tools and checklists.
Just as another powerful example, a few days before writing this I was in a consulting day
with a new client, with about a $20-million business. As I questioned him, three niche marketing
4 5
Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedy
opportunities became evident. In each, he already had an unexploited stronghold. In one, he had
a ready and likely willing “host”; partner that he was already making money for, who owned
customers and media they already made available to others but he had never proposed using.
In less than an hour I had a credible plan for using those three opportunities to triple revenue
to $60-million. We also confronted the only huge flaw in his current business strategy, which
was giving him direct connection to only about 10% of the end user customers – which I reengineered to get it with 80%. This, to them, had seemed like ‘The Problem That Can Never Be
Solved’ because of the nature of their distribution. These were not dumb or ignorant or foolish
or lazy entrepreneurs. To the contrary. And they had built a $20-million business from scratch
in about 4 years. But their experience was restricted to that business. My experience is very
broad and diversified. I saw things they were blind to. I had already fixed the problem they
thought of as unique at least four other times. This same “EUREKA!” can happen working with
me in a group setting, not just one to one, and it WILL happen for many at Advanced Business
Development Secrets Academy. (More about this example, much later in this letter.)
Schultz didn’t improve the coffee shop. Apple didn’t improve the phone. I didn’t
improve the speaking business*. When Buffet liberated GEICO from being the sleepy, niched
“Government Employees’ Insurance” to today’s GEICO, he didn’t try to improve the agency,
broker, sales-force model. The NFL created more wealth for its owners in a fast decade than in its
entire, prior history not by improving the game or its existent marketing, but by reinventing the
entire fan (and gambler) experience with its Fantasy Football and its own TV products, the NFL
Network and RedZone.
*Its reinvention model (which birthed what is now GKIC) is laid out in an info-product titled Big Mouth, Big Money, available at GKIC.com/store
Development can mean (2) reinvention. Raw land or a blighted neighborhood or a dying
industrial park re-imagined and transformed into valuable property, a new community, a thriving
‘warehouse district’ with restaurants and clubs. Inside many businesses, even entire niches,
industries, professions, there is the equivalent of blighted neighborhoods, vibrancy in decline,
regression, or unused raw land. I am a master at re-purposing assets within a business AND at
reinventing businesses.
I have reinvented processes, businesses, even entire industries! Maybe yours is ripe for reinvention.
Let’s find out. Maybe YOU are due or overdue for reinvention. I have essentially reinvented myself
and the way I earn my money and conduct business three times. My friend, the late Joan Rivers, had to
reinvent herself twice, and did so brilliantly and courageously. Personal and Business Reinvention have
profound parallels. Let’s explore.

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