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If you have landed on this page, I am guessing you have a product or a service you want to Market on the Internet. You may even have tried to do business online, selling affiliate products or your own, and… Let’s say you haven’t quite got the results you were looking for.
The way I see it, there are basically THREE types of people who use the Internet:
No, actually there are only TWO types of people among those who trade online….
So what’s it all about, what separates the people who CAN’T sell from the people who CAN sell?
What is the Secret Ingredient that makes up the Recipe for Success?
Well let me first tell you what it’s NOT all about…
Now let me tell you what it IS all about…
That’s what all the gurus are doing, and they pay premium prices for the work, we’re talking about THOUSANDS and even TENS of THOUSANDS here! After all, they were not always ‘gurus’ you know, they were once newbies, just like you.

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